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Family hiking around the fjords of Norway, The Small Adventure Company - Adventure and Family Holidays in Europe


Our family adventures are created with the specific needs for families in mind. While no two are the same, we make sure to include easy and exciting activities that will be very much enjoyed by smaller guests and parents alike.

Adventure Holidays for Families

What do our Family Adventure Holidays look like?

Outdoor activities like cycling tours, kayaking safaris, surf classes or coasteering adventures are specifically tailored to families and are based on an easy to medium activity level.

Nature, wildlife and cultural tours are very special adventures to experience with the whole family and our family adventure holiday suggestions include at least one nature adventure and/or a cultural tour where you can experience local tradition and heritage in a sustainable and authentic way.

Further, on our family adventure holidays we avoid large distances, too much time spent driving around or packed days. Our family adventure holidays keep the perfect balance between adventure, new discoveries and free time to spend at leisure at the beach, the pool or the farmyard of your rural accommodation.

On our family-friendly adventure holiday packages, relaxation and no hassle is just as important as being active and off to new adventures. Many of our family adventure holidays are offered as self-drive tours, so it is possible to travel in your own time and to keep the free time flexible for you.

While some of the activities require a minimum age (or height), all our family adventure holidays are suitable for families with children from any age and every tour can be tailored accordingly to meet the specific needs and wishes of your little travel party.

We choose family-friendly accommodation for our family adventure holidays where possible, including facilities like family rooms, leisure centers or farm and rural accommodation, where families can unwind and enjoy the time off without anybody getting bored.

Explore our adventure holiday packages for families across our destinations to turn your next family holiday into a real adventure! Venture off the beaten track, explore hidden gems and enjoy quality time with the whole family. 

Fjord Mountains View | The Small Adventure Company - Adventure and Family Holidays in Europe

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From our own experience, no two holidays are the same. Talk to us and we will create your own individual holiday just for you.

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