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Three Islands Family Adventure to the Azores


São Miguel, Pico, Faial

Starting Point

São Miguel

Best time to travel

All year

Best for

Family Adventure

Activity Level **


10 days from

€ 4,414

price for a family of 4, 2 adults and 2 children

Three Islands Family Adventure to the Azores

Adventure Holidays

This 10 days family tour to the Azores will take you to the islands of São Miguel, Faial and Pico and will show you the different faces of the archipelago. The Azores islands are characterized by rich volcanic heritage, showing in an amazing landscape made from volcanic cones, deep craters, glittering crater lakes, bubbling hot springs and a beautiful rugged coastline made of black basalt. Venture around the slopes of Portugal's highest peak on Pico, hike the beautiful crater lakes on São Miguel and visit the location of the islands youngest volcanic eruption at the Vulcão dos Capelinhos on Faial while enjoying exciting and fun outdoor activities, learning about the Azores gastronomic heritage and enjoying quality time with the whole family.

✓ visit the islands of São Miguel, Faial and Pico over the course of 10 days
✓ including all transfers, ferries and flights on the Azores
✓ accommodation in family-friendly hotels and/or guesthouses
✓ a great range of water- and landbased family-friendly outdoor adventures
✓ time to relax and to explore the amazing highlights of the Azores in your own pace

At a Glance

10 days from

€ 4,414

price for a family of 4, 2 adults and 2 children

Tour Overview

Day 1 - arrival and overnight in Ponta Delgada
Day 2 - hiking and SUP adventure around the Sete Cidades lakes
Day 3 - explore the geothermal area of Furnas and relax at the hot springs at Caldeira Velha
Day 4 - transfer to Pico Island - free time to relax
Day 5 - cycling tour on the volcanic ground and through the vinyards of Pico Island
Day 6 - whale watching tour from Pico Island
Day 7 - coasteering adventure on the coast of Pico Island - transfer to Faial Island
Day 8 - adventure jeep tour to explore Faial
Day 9 - free time in Horta - swimming with dolphins adventure
Day 10 - departure

Tour Higlights

Landbased Outdoor Adventures - Cycling and Hiking

Explore the island of Pico on a guided cycling tour taking you through the picturesque green landscape set against the Atlantic ocean and the impressive Pico mountain. Explore the UNESCO listed vineyards of Pico Island, where locals have mastered the cultivation of high quality grapes and wines on the black volcanic rock over centuries.
Thanks to their rich and varied geological heritage, all islands of the Azores offer excellent hiking opportunitites to suit all lengths and levels. From exploring the magical lakes of Sete Cidades, venturing around the mysterious Lagoa do Fogo or setting off around the collapsed caldeira on the island of Faial, our tour allows plenty of time to discover each island in your own pace.

Outdoor Activities and Family Adventures | The Small Adventure Company | Travel Agency for Adventure and Family Holidays in Europe

Waterbased Outdoor Adventures - SUP / Kayaking, Whale Watching, Coasteering and Swimming with Dolphins

Outdoor Activities and Family Adventures | The Small Adventure Company | Travel Agency for Adventure and Family Holidays in Europe

Enjoy the tranquility around the magical Sete Cidades lakes on São Miguel on a SUP or kayaking adventure as you soak in the beautiful landscape surrounding the blue and green lakes.
The waters around the Azores are one of the best places in the world to meet whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. In fact, 24 different whale species are resident to the waters around the Azores and many of them can be observed all year round. Set off on a whale watching adventure tour from Pico island to meet the gentle giants of the Atlantic ocean.
We have also prepared a more personal encounter with some of the Azores marine residents for you as you will embark on an adventure to swim with local bottlenose dolphins around the waters of the island of Faial. Swim and engage in the playful behaviour of the dolphins under the careful observation of marine biologists.
Last, but not least, we have included an unforgetable coasteering adventure for you to explore the coast of Pico island in a fun and adventurous way. Discover caves, small rock islets and hidden pools as you venture along Pico's coast abseiling, swimming, climbing and jumping into the fresh waters!

Cultural Adventures - Explore Ponta Delgada and Horta

Stay in Ponta Delgada during your time on São Miguel and discover some of it's historical heritage including colonial-style architecture, busy squares and beautiful gardens. Stroll along the lively promenade with it's many restaurants, bars and cafes and indulge in local cuisine and gastronomy.
The cosmopolitan town of Horta on Faial has been a popular stopover for seafarers making their way over the Atlantic for centuries. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere along the port with it's iconic bars, shops and cafes.
If you like, we are happy to inlcude a guided walking tour or TukTuk tour for you to explore Ponta Delgada or Horta.

Outdoor Activities and Family Adventures | The Small Adventure Company | Travel Agency for Adventure and Family Holidays in Europe

Local Experiences - hot springs on São Miguel, vineyards on Pico and discovering Faial by off-road jeep

Outdoor Activities and Family Adventures | The Small Adventure Company | Travel Agency for Adventure and Family Holidays in Europe

No visit to the Azores is complete without a stop at the steaming hot springs on São Miguel. Venture across the hot spring area at Furnas, relax in the warm thermal waters of the Terra Nostra baths and enjoy the lush green scenery from the Caldeira Velha hot pools.
Tap into the unique world of vineyards and grapes as you discover the island of Pico. Learn about the unique wine cultivation on black basalt stone and get to taste some of the high quality wines produced here locally (adults only of course).
Last, but not least, embark on an exciting jeep tour adventure which will take you across the natural wonders of the island of Faial. Enjoy the wide view across the collapsed caldeira and and visit the location of the youngest volcanic eruption on the Azores in the Capelinhos area, where a submarine volcanic eruption added two kilometers of new land to the Western side of Faial in 1958.

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