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All our small adventure destinations have been selected carefully based on our own experience and its adventure potential. Explore the great outdoors in an active way, dive into local traditions and experience authentic culture and tours.

Our adventures take place in destinations across Europe, which we have carefully selected based on their stunning scenery, the great outdoors, unique traditions and heritage. We keep it low key and take you off the beaten path to places that offer authentic experiences that give you the chance to to engage with the local communities and dive deeper into the region.

Our destinations are easy to access and travel and each adventure holiday aims to offer you a great mix of outdoor activities, local tours and gastronomy, unique places to visit and enough time to relax to enjoy your perfect family holiday or adventure getaway.

Image by Sander Lenaerts

We'd love to hear from you!

From our own experience, no two holidays are the same. Talk to us and we will create your own individual adventure holiday just for you.

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