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We closely monitor the situation in our destinations and will put every effort into informing you about any changes that might impact on the possibility to travel to your destination. We  understand the uncertainty in relation to the current Covid19 health emergency and to help you book your trip with confidence, we have put a book with confidence policy in place. Should it not be possible to travel to your destination due to Covid19 related restrictions in the destination, imposed travel restrictions in your country or if you are not feeling well before your departure, our policy offers you the flexibility to delay your departure until you have fully recovered and/or the restrictions have been lifted. 



When you are ready to travel again, we are here to help you. Your safety and the safety of our staff and partners is our highest priority and we are taking every measure to ensure that safety and hygienic protocols are adhered to. Many destinations have put clean certificates in place to give clients confidence that action is taken seriously and that the destination and the services are certified as clean and safe. From our end, we make sure that every bit of our trip is compliant with such protocols. Please be aware that policies differ from country to country and are not flexible. Also, they are subject to revision and we will do our best to keep you up-to-date should any changes occur while preparing for your trip.



Deep and more frequent cleaning policies has become the standard in all services. Accommodation providers, transfer companies, visitor centers, restaurants etc are all obliged to follow strict guidelines to make sure that all public areas and private rooms remain clean and are disinfected frequently to avoid the spread of the virus. Many countries have made hand sanitizers mandatory to be provided before accessing any public areas. You can check the health and safety protocols of our destinations here.

We trust that our guests will adhere to hygienic, protective and social distancing guidelines set out by each destination. All travelers are requested to bring face coverings and while our partners make every effort to have hand sanitizer available, we recommend bringing your own.



Our accommodation is selected carefully and we work closely together with our partners to protect your health and safety. As our clients travel individually, we stay in smaller hotels, with less rooms and less guests overall. This means that there is more space available for you and your fellow travelers and you will get in close contact with fewer people. To adhere with regulations, accommodation providers are required to deep clean and disinfect guest rooms, public areas and restrooms more frequently, limit the use of lifts where possible and implement social distancing protocols in line with regulations. Please keep in mind that our accommodation partners have to follow the guidelines set out by the government to keep you and their employees safe, so this might result in restricted use of certain facilities like pool areas, hotel bars or other public areas. Unfortunately, some measures can incur on short notice.



Most of our adventures are designed for individuals or people traveling within a small private group. Some of our activities are organized as small group activities and together with our partners we make sure that social distancing can be adhered to at every part of the tour. This includes a limited group size, spaced out and assigned seating on buses, staggered hours for mealtimes, etc. Buses, carriers and special equipment will be deep cleaned in accordance with national protocols and hand sanitizers will be provided. Further, we will do our utmost to organize public activities and visits outside peak hours to limit the contact to people outside the small group.

Prior to traveling, we urge all our clients to check with their foreign office on national guidelines and protocols in their source country that might impact or disrupt your travel plans. Countries issue different guidelines and restrictions and it is everybody's individual responsibility to adhere with those.