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The best adventures to enjoy Norway's great outdoors

The combination of water, mountains, snow and ice makes Norway a natural playground with fantastic active outdoor options. From hiking, cycling, paddling or fishing, Norway has something to offer for anybody seeking to get as close as possible to the breath-taking nature, no matter if you travel South, West, North or East. The fantastic coastline with deep fjords, countless little islets and towering mountains in the back makes Norway a fantastic destination for outdoor adventures. We have put together this list of the best outdoor activities in Norway to give you some inspiration in your trip planning.

Lysefjorden hiking Norway


rolltunga, hiking, Norway, western fjords

Getting out to the mountains and close to nature is part of everyday life for many Norwegians. And the best way to experience the wonderful nature is by foot. From wild and untouched landscapes to popular hiking trails and iconic landmarks, Norway offers fantastic hiking opportunities for nearly every level for anybody who wants to experience the stunning scenery first hand. Some of the best hiking areas in Norway can be found in the Western Fjords and the mountain ranges around Jotunheimen and Hardangervidda. The options are wide and range from a few hours to a few days hiking, challenging mountain hikes and relaxed rural trails or historic mountain routes and coastal fjord hopping.


Rallarvegen, cycling, Norway, west fjords norway

Norway is an exciting destination to be discovered by bike, no matter if you are looking to speed down challenging mountain trails or for relaxed rambles around small coastal villages and green meadows. Dedicated cycling trails lead over mountains, through lush valleys, along deep fjords, waterfalls and ravines and let you discover some of the most beautiful parts of Norway at your own pace. Southern Norway, wide parts of the western fjord region and the beautiful Lofoten archipelago offer fantastic and varied cycling and biking opportunities for different levels in a stunning, unspoiled fjord landscape.

Kayaking and canoeing

hardangervidda, fjord, kayaking, norway, hardangerfjord

There is no better way to explore Norway’s stunning fjord coast than by kayak or canoe. Whether ocean, fjord, lake or river, you are never far from the water in Norway are always surrounded by a magical landscape and some of the best views can be enjoyed from the water. Enjoy the spectacular views on some of Norway's most impressive western fjords including the UNESCO listed Nærøyfjord and Geirangerfjord or the Hardangerfjord between Bergen and Stavanger,

Glacier hiking

Folgefonna, glacier hiking, western fjords, norway

There are many glaciers in Norway and a glacier tour is an amazing opportunity to get close to one of those icy giants. Venture off and experience the wild ice and snow landscape, the shimmering blue ice and learn more about the history and formation while staying safe in the company of a guided tour. Folgefonna, Jostedalsbreen and Jothunheimen Nationalpark in Norway's western fjords or the beautifully vast Saltfjellet–Svartisen National Park in Northern Norway all offer fantastic fantastic opportunities to discover the ancient ice caps between deep fjords and steep mountains.


magma geopark, norway, canyoning, fjords

Where there is ice, there is water and the glacial melt waters running from the glaciers have formed the perfect adventure playground around the deep fjords and high mountains of Norway. Canyoning through some of the ancient river gorges and canyons will let you discover and enjoy some of the most beautiful areas in Norway in an active way while jumping in and out of the fresh waters, climbing and walking along the rocks and abseiling over beautiful waterfalls. It's not only a great fun adventure to enjoy with the whole family, but also lets you discover some stunning parts of the grande nature of Norway which otherwise would be less accessible.


stockfish, fishing, norway, west fjords

Norway has some of the best fishing waters in Europe with the opportunities for sea or lake fishing seemingly endless. From salmon fishing in rivers, fly fishing in mountain lakes or deep sea fishing along the amazing coastline, you can catch a large variety of fish in Norway all year round and fishing under Norway's midnight sun in summer or the Northern lights in winter makes fishing in Norway a very special experience.

Wildlife experiences

Norway is often referred to as the last resort for some of Europe’s most intriguing wildlife. If you don’t want to leave your encounter with Norway’s wild inhabitants to chance, it can be a good idea to join a guided tour that will let you encounter whales, moose, birds or the mighty musk-oxen in a sustainable fashion. While the Tromsø area or the Vesterålen in northern Norway provide great opportunities to spot whales all year long, the Dovrefjell mountains in central Norway are the only place in Norway (and Europe) where you can encounter the mighty musk oxen.

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