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Adventures for families

Cold winters with plenty of snow and mild summers with long nights make Norway and exciting family destination all year round. Exploring stunning national parks with high mountains, admiring UNESCO listed fjords or venturing on ancient glaciers are only a few of the amazing family adventures waiting for you in Norway. 

A train ride and cycle along the historic Rallarvegen line

Rallarvegen is Norway‘s most popular cycle route. Leading through mountainous scenery it stretches over 82 km passing natural and historical monuments. Rallarvegen was originally built as a service road to deliver construction materials to the Bergenline - the railroad track between Oslo and Bergen which now runs parallel to the cycle route. Hence Rallarvegen is ideal to combine cycling and a relaxing train trip through Norway‘‘s beautiful mountains. Besides it is like an open air museum with listed buildings all along the way containing information of when they were built. Whilst the whole distance of Rallarvegen can be cycled in one day it is worth taking an overnight stay to really take in the nature and magnificent surroundings.

A paradise for Alpine skiing

Norway‘ is a paradise for alpine skiing. With skiing resorts of around 2000m in altitude Norway‘ is a winter sport destination all year around. But it is not just about being active in the snow, each slope is unique and guarantees - besides the physical challenge - amazing natural highlights such as views of the impressive Norwegian fjords and the fascinating Northern lights. Even for Olympic champions Norway‘ is a special destination with some of the most extraordinary conditions in the world. After Easter usually marks the end of the busy skiing season and the beginning of the relaxing-in-the-sun-and-enjoy-a-cold-beer season. Fun for winter sport enthusiasts and sunbathers alike!

Fun-sledding at the iconic Holmenkollen

Holmenkollen in Norway‘ is famous for its huge ski jump which was first  used in 1892. It started off as a natural hill with a take-off ramp made of snow and twigs. Holmenkollen as you can see it today was then built in the 1900s when the sport become more popular. If you are interested in its history you can visit the nearby Holmenkollen Ski Museum, the oldest of its kind in the world. If you prefer to get active yourself, plan for a sledding adventure in Korketrekkeren near Holmenkollen. It is Oslo‘s most popular sled run and winds down over 2km like a “cork screw“. An adventure in the snow for the whole family!

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Image by Sander Lenaerts

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