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Discover Norway and it's spectacular landscape with majestic mountains and sunken valleys in your very own way with some of the unique local experiences  and adventures below.

Krossobanen - board the cable car going through the mountain

Krossobanen in Norway was built in 1928 and the first cable car in northern Europe. It was built so that the residents of Rjukan were able to see the sunlight during the winter months. Bordering Hardangervidda, Norway‘s largest National Park, Krossobanen cable car takes its passengers up to 886 meters high and provides a stunning panoramic view of the surrounding mountains. The giant mirrors close by in Rjukan are also worth a visit. Particularly since they were built as a predecessor of the cable car in 1913 - to mirror the sunlight during the long winter. However the cable car became a bigger success in regard to bringing the sunshine into the mountain-shielded town and for visitors around today.

An idyllic journey on the Telemark Canal

The Telemark Canal in Norway comprises of a series of 18 locks linking the towns of Skien and Dalen by waterway. At the time it was opened in 1892 it was considered the “Eighth Wonder of the World“ within Europe. Originally consisting of two canals, it is now 105 km long and has a total difference in elevation of 72 meters. The best way to admire this technical rarity is to travel by boat on the canal, passing several or all water gates on the way. There are plenty of tours on offer, starting from different ports en route from Skien to Dalen. Whether you book a full-day round trip or a 2-hour cruise - watching the boats getting lifted from one water level to another is truly fascinating.


Real Norwegian Cider making in the Westfjords

Welcome to the Ciderlands, the main production areas of cider in Norway, namely Hardangerfjord and Sognefjord. Cider Making has a long tradition in Norway and particularly in these two areas where monks from England introduced the growing of apples in the 13th century. The production of cider was considerably large at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. When the laws around alcohol became stricter in 1921 the tradition lived on in people‘s cellars where cider was produced in smaller quantities but with a higher alcohol content. Nowadays visitors can learn about the process of cider making and join tastings in the Cider Huset in Balestrand in Sogn. The multifunctional farm in Syse Gard offers guided tours where guest get to try samples of different fruits juices, cured meat  from the smokehouse and hear about traditional ways of farming.

Musk Ox spotting in the Dovefjell National Park

On the Musk Ox Trail in Dovrefjell Nationalpark in Norway you are very likely to encounter these majestic primeval animals. There are different routes you can choose from ranging from 4.5 to 15 kilometers. Some of the trails lead through birch forests in the mountains where musk oxen be can found particularly during the summer. Usually they stay higher up in the bare mountains. It is very exciting when a musk ox is suddenly crossing your path.
However keep your distance of at least 200 meters for your own safety. They are wild animals after all. That is what makes Musk Ox watching so adventurous.

Follow the road of superlatives - the Atlantic Route Norway

Known as one of the world‘s most beautiful drives, the Atlantic Road in Norway takes you right to the edge of the ocean. A bridge consisting of eight sections and with a total of 8274 meteres connects Averøy with the mainland. The drive leads across several islets and opens up spectacular views of the sea on either side. Whether you pass it on a sunny day taking in all the colourful light reflections on the still water surface or on a stormy day with foam spraying up from the sea - it is always a trip worth taking! Spend a couple of days in the area and go on a fishing


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Image by Sander Lenaerts

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