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If you are looking to be blown away by the sheer beauty of nature and enjoy the great outdoors to the fullest, Norway is the right destination for you. Blessed with majestic fjords, impressive glaciers and stunning valleys, Norway offers a huge variety of outdoor activities of any kind. 

Exploring an ancient glittering glacier

Norway is known for its majestic landscape characterised by deep fjords, rocky islands and craggy mountains. It is also home to Europe‘s largest mainland glacier - Jostedalsbreen and many others where you can join the adventure of glacier hiking. There is Bødalsbreen, a side arm of Jostedalsbreen ice cap, and one of the country‘s most scenic glacier hikes. Svartisen as part of the Arctic Circle stands out with northern lights visible at night time and the midnight sun at certain times during the summer. Located at the centre of “fjord country“ is Nigardsbreen glacier which is ideal for hikers who just start out on the experience of glacier hiking. You are spoilt with choice when it comes to picking your favourite glacier to climb!

Discover the secrets of Jothunheimen National Park

Jothunheimen National Park is called “The home of giants“ due to its over 250 mountain peaks, most of them almost reaching 2000 meters in altitude. A true paradise for hikers, but also for biking, skiing and nature lovers who just love spending time outdoors. Watch the wildlife such as eagles whilst hiking above the clouds along these mighty mountains. Crown your day with free camping in the wild or stay overnight in one of the cabins or lodges of the National Park. Relax around a bonfire and take in that indescribable beauty of your surroundings. Hiking through Norway's Jothunheimen National Park truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Cycling between mountains and fjords

Norway might appear to be a challenging cycle destination and for mountain bikers only. But surprisingly (and also not) it has skyrocketed to be one of Europe‘s most popular places for bike riding. Due to its diversified topography it offers - besides hardcore mountain trails - many routes for hobby cyclists which have proven themselves to be a fantastic way of exploring Norway‘s beautiful nature. Along the way awaits a bike-friendly infrastructure with different rentals, repair shops and accommodation. One of the most popular routes is Rallarvegen which starts in the mountains and gloriously ends by the Sognefjord or alternatively by the Hardangerfjord. A great choice for cyclists of all fitness levels!

Sea Kayaking between majestic mountains on the Hardangerfjord / Nærøyfjord

Discovering Norways impressive landscape by sea kayak is an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the unique perspective you get when paddling in a small boat through fjords, past glaciers and dramatic mountain ranges towering above you. First invented by the inuit thousands of years ago, the purpose-built shape of a sea kayak is ideal for navigating narrow passages and being flexible whilst savouring an unblocked view of your surroundings. Join a guided kayaking tour trough the famous Hardangerfjord - the “Queen of the Fjords“ and third largest in the world. Feeding into the Atlantic Ocean in the West it is easily accessible from Bergen. Or discover the UNESCO World heritage site of Nærøyfjord, one of Norway‘s most scenic ones.

Hiking the iconic Trolltunga cliff

Trolltunga is, without a doubt, one of the most spectacular cliffs in Norway. Situated about 1,100 meters about sea level, it is hovering some 700 meters above the amazingly blue Lake Ringedalsvatnet. Due to its unusual shape it received its name whch means “troll tongue“. Standing on the edge of the cliff with the massive valley, carved out by an ice cap, beneath you will  be one of the most remarkable experiences of your Norway trip for sure. To get there takes some effort though. A 10 - 12 hours hike leads through high-mountain terrain up to 1,180 meters above sea level and is both physically and mentally demanding. Are you up for it?

White water rafting on a wild glacial river

River rafting is another adventurous activity that Norway is great for. White Water rafting enthusiasts come from all over the world to conquer the country‘s thunderous rivers. Ideal for creating an unforgettable team spirit among your fellow rafters when speedily navigating through the wild rivers such as Sjoa in Eastern Norway, it also guarantees lots of fun and a huge adrenaline rush. Instructed and equipped by a professional team you have nothing to fear when facing the frothing rapids of the guzzling river that make it appear white and give the activity its name.

Enjoying the magnificent views from Rampestreken / Romsdalen

Make your way up to Rampestreken viewpoint overlooking Åndalsnes and Romsdalen Valley. A spectacular view that will make up for the final steep ascent leading up to it. The route beforehand is moderate and merely requires good-quality hiking equipment like anywhere else in Norway. Similar to Trollstunga the viewpoint is located on a ledge (this one is made of metal) opening up a panoramic view over the town of Åndalsnes in the valley below and snow-covered mountain tops in the distance, framing the blue-shimmering  Romdalsfjord.

Winter adventure in Norway's Western fjords

Embark on a winter adventure in Aurlandsfjord, Norway, where you'll get on snowshoes and step into a pristine world of glistening snow. Guided by expert instructors, you'll trek through quiet forests, across snow-covered fields, and up to panoramic viewpoints overlooking the fjord's waters. Along the way, enjoy the tranquility of the winter landscape, capture stunning photographs of the snow-blanketed fjord, and savor warm beverages amidst the serene surroundings. This snowshoeing excursion offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of Aurlandsfjord's winter scenery and gives you a real birdseye view of the spectacular Aurlandsfjord! On your way, you can stop at the famous Stegastein viewpoint. Perched high above the Aurlandsfjord, it’s a dramatic observation platform that gives a spectacular panoramic view. Designed as a cantilevered structure that extends out from the mountainside, it offers a thrilling sensation of hovering above the abyss.


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