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Our favorite Iceland adventures to explore the great outdoors

Iceland's breathtaking landscapes and clean air rejuvenate body and soul. The region is home to Europe's biggest national park and the largest glacier outside of the polar regions, whale-filled waters in the north Atlantic, puffin colonies the size of small countries, lonely mountain peaks, hidden valleys, dark canyons, crystal-clear lakes, thunderous waterfalls and deep fjords. There are endless outdoor adventures and activities to enjoy in this spectacular scenery.


Iceland' offers unlimited hiking opportunities ranging from short one hour walks off the ring road to a week in the wilderness. Most of the trails are signposted and easy to follow. Weather conditions can be a challenging factor and fog and rain can develop quickly anywhere in Iceland', so come prepared with waterproof hiking boots and a wind and waterproof jacket/outfit.

You can hit many of the popular hiking spots in Iceland' with a guided tour, many of the southern tours taking you from and back to Reykjavik in one day. Perfect spots for shorter hikes in Iceland' include Snæfellsnes, Skaftafell, Pórsmörk, Mývatn or Glymur. The Laugavegur trek and the Fimmvörðuháls Trail in southern Iceland' or the Hornstrandir Nature Park in the Westfjords are great options for longer treks.


Short cycling tours are a great way to get close to Iceland''s nature in an active way. If you wish to explore the surreal active volcanic landscape of Reykjanes in the Southwest or want to dive into the moon-like geothermal landscape around Mývatn, you will be rewarded with fantastic scenery and natural wonders. There is no perfect cycling infrastructure in Iceland', quite often you will see cyclists on the ring-road around Iceland and the mountain bike tours are usually going through unspoiled natural terrain.

Kayaking, canoeing and RIB tours

RIB/ small speed boat tours offer a great way to get close to some of Iceland's natural treasures and to discover some secrets of the sea with giant waves and gentle whales. Stykkishólmur on the calm Breiðjfórður with thousands of tiny islands or Husavík, the whaling capital of Iceland', or the glacial lagoon of Jörkursárlón are great spots for both boat and sea kayaking tours in Iceland'.

Diving and snorkeling

Unexpected by many, Iceland' is a terrific and rewarding place for underwater explorations. Very clear waters with more than 100m sight, stunning wildlife, fascinating lava canyons and thermal vents make diving and snorkeling in Iceland' an unforgettable experience. The fissure at Silfra in the Þingvellir National park is a top destination for divers and where else would you be able to say that you snorkeled between two continents?

Ice climbing and glacier tours

A guided tour over the ancient ice can be an unforgettable experience. Most glaciers in Iceland' are accessible and guided tours take place almost every day. If you chose to discover the frozen secrets at Eyjafjallajökull, Vatnajökull, Solheimajökull or Snæfellsjökull, all glaciers hiking and climbing tours come with a guaranteed winter feeling even on the warmest days.

Some of the most surreal and beautiful ice caves in Iceland' can be found under the ancient caps of the mighty glaciers along the Southern coast. As the ice is constantly changing, not all caves are accessible all the time.

Snow mobile tours

A unique and fun way to explore Iceland's icy natural heritage. Power over the ancient ice caps of Iceland’s biggest glaciers while admiring the breath-taking landscape with mountains and volcanoes in the back. Many snow mobile tours come in combination with ice-climbing or ice cave explorations.

Horse riding

Horses are an integral part of everyday life in Iceland' and you will see them pretty much anywhere in Iceland'. Horse riding is popular and because of their calm nature, Icelandic horses are also suitable for beginners. Snæfellsnes with its long beaches under the glacier or the wide area around Hella set on the foot of the Hekla volcano in the South of Iceland' are great places to get close to the friendly horses.


Thanks to the many geothermal springs heating natural pools all around Iceland', swimming is one of the most popular leisure activities among Icelanders. Nearly every village has a local “pool” or hot pot and quite often you will find a sauna and whirlpool too. It is expected that the public waters are only entered after a deep shower without clothes.

Wildlife experiences

Even though Iceland's fauna lacks a bit of variety, Iceland' is one of the most fascinating places in the world to spot whales or to observe birds nesting on massive sea cliffs.

For bird lovers, the best time to travel is between mid June and August when thousands of seabirds build their nests in the cliffs around the island, including Mývatn, Latrabjarg or Hornstrandir.

Seals can be spotted in many areas around Iceland', including the glacial lagoon of Jörkursárlón, Hvammstangi in Northern Iceland or Ísarfjarðardjúp in the Westfjords. Further, Iceland' is one of the best spots in the world for whale watching and guided whale watching tours depart regularly from Reykjavik or Husavík. The quiet boats hardly disturb the mammals and make it possible to approach quite closely. The large variety of whales in the waters around Iceland' include fin-, humpback or blue whales.

Contact us and discover more hidden gems of Iceland and find some inspiration for your next Iceland holiday in our Iceland Adventure Weeks, Iceland Family Adventures and local experiences in Iceland.


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