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With its unparalleled landscape, scenery and combination of fire and ice, the sense of adventure is omnipresent in Iceland. In fact the range of adventures - from ice climbing, glacier walking, caving or snow-mobiling - to explore the stunning island is so abundant that we don't know where to begin. 

Sea Kayaking between blue icebergs at Jörkulsarlon

Kayaking through floating icebergs in a blue-shimmering lagoon. Getting close to the mighty glacier that continuously feeds the ocean with pristine white pieces of ice. Immersing yourself into the beauty of Vatnajökull National Park. Discovering a unique natural habitat with all its peacefulness and enormous force at the same time. All that is part of a guided kayaking experience in the magical ice lagoon at Jörkulsarlon, where the blue ice of the glacier meets the North Atlantic ocean. An unforgettable adventure with once in a lifetime views and emotions taht you should not miss on your trip to Iceland.

Hiking to the Centre of the Earth at Snæfellsjökull 

Want to take a journey to the centre of the earth? You will find it on Iceland's glacier of Snæfellsjökull. At least according to Jules Verne‘s famous book “Journey to the Centre of the Earth“. Visible from Reykjavík despite its distance of 100 km, it appears like a mountain range covered in snow. Only when getting closer and hiking towards its summit with an altitude of 1446 metres you will notice its unique combo of glacier and volcano. It is more than 700.000 years old and last erupted in 250 AD. Take in the breathtaking surroundings of Snæfellssnes Peninsula when making your way up to the top to be rewarded with even more stunning views.

Venture through the truly magnificent volcanic landscape of Landmannalaugar

Landmannalaugar is a truly spectacular and rare landscape in the heart of Iceland‘s southern highlands. Both aesthetically and geology it awaits with such an unusual surface that can hardly be found anywhere else. Its rippled mountain tops are made up of windswept rhyolite rocks which appear in shades of pink, red, blue, green and yellow golden colours. The area is also called the “People‘s Pools“ due to its natural geothermal rock pools which have been used for natural hot spring bathing throughout the centuries. The panoramic route of Sigölduleið to get there leads past multiple amazing natural sites such as Bláhylur Lake nestled in a volcanic crater and more hot springs.

Þórsmörk - the valley of legends

Three massive glaciers form one of the most beautiful valleys in Iceland - Þórsmörk. Its name means “Thor‘s Woods“, a reference to the thunderbolt-wielding norse god of farmers and seamen considered as an idealization of the persevering Icelandic character by natives. The valley can be described as some kind of alpine oasis ideal for hiking and exploring a stunning part of Iceland‘s incredible natural features. Characterised by twisted gorges, moss covered caves, waterfalls and an abundance of wildflowers, Þórsmörk indeed is a landscape from fairy tales that you should not miss discovering on a guided walk!

Conquer the ancient glacial ice

Something you can certainly not do in many destinations and therefore shouldn‘t miss out on when in Iceland is Ice Climbing! Appropriately equipped with crampons, ropes and an ice axe by your professional guides, your adventure will take you to an ever-changing glacier. After a briefing you can embark your challenge of climbing a steep and rock hard ice wall. No reason to be worried, your guide will set up the necessary hitches for you to proceed your ascent and securely enjoy one or the other peek onto your amazing surroundings. Fun and challenging at the same time, ice climbing is one of the literally coolest ways to explore the glaciers of Iceland.

Snorkeling between continents at Silfra Thingvellir 

Iceland’s landscape is not only unique on land but as well below the sea. The Silfra rift lies right where the tectonic plates of Eurasia and North America meet, boasting an unexpected underwater world perfect for diving and snorkeling. Although the water is pretty cold (between 2-4°C ) all the year, it is crystal clear and has unparalleled visibility (it exceeds at some point 100m). You'll witness otherworldly rock formations and vibrant shades of blue as you glide through the incredibly pure glacial water (that comes from Langjökull glacier). Silfra is known for its tranquility and serene beauty, making it a must-do activity for nature and adventure enthusiasts visiting Iceland.


Katla Blue Ice Cave on Mýrdalsjökull 

If you are looking for an off-the-beaten-track activity, then this is an adventure for you. Visiting the Katla Blue Ice Cave on Mýrdalsjökull glacier is a captivating journey into a world of frozen wonder. Mýrdalsjökull glacier is one of the best-known in Iceland, from which the Kötlujökull glacier originates. Kötlujökull is named after the volcano Katla, covered by the glacier. The enormous mass of ice has been slowly crawling down from the volcano mountain, creating some of Iceland’s most impressive natural ice caves. You reach the roots of the Kötlujökull glacier with a 4x4 vehicle over a rough road surrounded by stunning glaciers and mountains. After a short walk you will come to the entrance of the cave and breath-taking blue hues and intricate ice formations sculpted by nature unfold. This is a safe and awe-inspiring experience, taking you deep into the heart of this frozen realm, a mesmerizing adventure for those seeking the magic of Iceland's icy landscapes.


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