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Snorkeling at Silfra, Pingvellir National Park, Iceland | The Small Adventure Company - Adventure and Family Holidays in Europe

Adventures for families

With it's active volcanic heritage made from natural hot pools, bubbling mud pots and bizarre landscapes, Iceland is probably on of the best natural playgrounds in the world with lots of amazing fun things to discover for small and also big kids.

Meet the gentle giants of the North Atlantic on a whale watching tour

Nature Lover or not, it must be everybody‘s dream to see the “Giants of the Sea“ like humpback whales, mink whales and dolphins in their natural habitat in the North Atlantic waters around Iceland. What an excitement to be out in the open waters and spot the huge tail fins suddenly appearing from underneath the surface of the ocean. On the usually 3-hours cruises starting from  Reykjavik or Husavik you get to enjoy the welcoming atmosphere aboard whilst watching the amazing Icelandic landscape passing by. Wrap up warm in the overalls and waterproofs provided while a professional guide shares interesting facts about the impressive mammals. Don‘t forget your camera to snap some photographs. However you won‘t need them to remember this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Stand up to the forces of nature in the Icelandic Lava Center

The Lava Center on the south coast of Iceland is a great location to learn more about the volcanic activity and its results that can be found all over the island. Altogether there are about 32 active volcano systems running underneath the rocky surface of Iceland. Together with the many glaciers and ice caps also to be found in Iceland, the country earned its name “The Land of Fire and Ice“. The interactive exhibition of the Lava Center perfectly visualises this fascinating contrast by elaborate models, photographs and touch screen monitors. It also comprises a high-tech system for surveying current volcanic activity and earthquake zones. A fascinating insight into the earth‘s inner forces!

Descent into the volcanic underworld 

As fascinating as Iceland‘s nature above ground, is the island‘s underground. Filled with caves of all sizes and shapes it is worth taking a look beneath Iceland‘s unique surface. What you will find is a variety of different caves including lava caves, glacier caves, ice caves and manmade caves. Besides their geological significance they were crucial as shelters for humans and animals seeking protection from harsh winters throughout history. Some are still used as stables for sheep, but above all they are extraordinary places to visit. Like palaces of crystal, unusal formations of snow and ice appear in different shades of white and blue. It is best to access them with a professional guide as it is hard to find the ones off the beaten track  and it is also dangerours due to the constant movement of glaciers. Are you in for an exciting adventure opening up the interesting world of Iceland‘s extraordinary geological history?


Visit an Icelandic sheep Farm 

A wonderful family-friendly experience awaits at Bjarteyjarsandur farm. Here at the shore of a mountainous fjord, at the far end of Hvalfjordur, has lived the same family since 1887. On the working sheep farm, you can experience real Icelandic sheep farming and take part in daily life. 

The farm produces a variety of crops using eco-friendly methods. In the farm shop,  a range of products made from the farm's organic produce is available including lamb meat, dairy, woolen goods, and artisanal items.

Bjarteyjarsandur offers guided farm tours that provide insight into their sustainable farming practices, and you have the opportunity to participate in traditional Icelandic activities, such as preparing and tasting local dishes, learning about wool processing, or taking part in seasonal celebrations. Bjarteyjarsandur Farm is a shining example of sustainable agriculture and eco-tourism in Iceland, offering a unique blend of rural experiences, cultural immersion, and a deep connection to the Icelandic countryside.


Horseback riding at Snæfellsnes peninsula 

A horseback riding tour at the beach on the Snaefellsnes penisula is a captivating and family-friendly experience. The combination of the rugged coastline, pristine beaches, and the Icelandic horse breed creates a picturesque and adventurous outing. Your horseback riding adventure begins at the farm and you’ll be introduced to the Icelandic horses, known for their gentle temperament, sturdy build, and unique gait called the tölt. Once you're comfortably seated in the saddle, the journey begins. You'll embark on a scenic ride where you can soak in the breathtaking landscapes that characterize the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. The dramatic cliffs and crashing waves provide a stunning backdrop to your ride and keep your eyes open, you may spot seabirds and other coastal creatures.


ATV tour on Reykjanes peninsula

An adventurous ATV excursion around the tip of the Reykjanes peninsula, is a scenic off-road ride through rugged, moss-covered volcanic terrain that may look like being on the moon. The tour includes a stop at an old lighthouse, the black sandy beach Sandavík and driving between the continents where they meet at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The tour is one hour and perfect for adventurous families who are looking for a thrilling (and safe!) adventure.

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