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A guide to small adventures in Sicily's great outdoors

Like any place with such a rich and active natural heritage, Sicily is a fantastic place for enjoying the great outdoors in an active, relaxed and slow way. From beautiful green rolling hills and mountain ranges in the North, the volcanic peaks rising from the deep blue Mediterranean sea to millenniums of history immortalized in ancient cities and sites, Sicily has so much to discover that one trip is hardly enough and will make you come back for more.


The rich volcanic heritage and the varied landscape of Sicily makes for a wonderful hiking paradise. If you are looking for a strenuous hike on the smoky slopes of Mount Etna or Stromboli, a long walk through the green hills of the interior or an exciting hike along cliffs above the blue sea, you will find great hiking opportunities all over the island. Most nature reserves in Sicily have marked trails which are graded for difficulty.

Hiking up the always active Stromboli on the Aeolian Islands in the evening is a very special experience and the small eruptions taking place every couple of minutes will leave you in awe of the powers of mother nature. Evening tours up the peak with a professional mountain guide run almost every day from early evening.

Further, there are plenty of hiking trails around Etna in eastern Sicily, which can be taken on individually, leading you through ancient pine forests or along the rolling eastern slopes. Hikes to the latest eruption locations or the peak of Etna should not be taken without a professional mountain guide. Fantastic views over the massive volcanic structure, the eastern towns and the Mediterranean will reward you for your efforts.

Snorkeling and diving

The unspoiled, clear and warm waters around mainland Sicily and the islands are spectacular and full of submarine life, making Sicily a great place for snorkeling and scuba-diving. The shoreline varies from pebbles to sandy beaches, private coves, grottoes and rock formations. The waters are rich in fish, making for an exciting underwater experience. A unique snorkeling experience awaits you on the Aeolian Island of Vulcano, where you can snorkel in warm waters naturally heated by thermal activity!


All but the most serious cyclists may have a difficult time on the steep terrain of much of the Sicilian island. Cycling around Etna or the Northern mountain ranges can be challenging and requires a good level of fitness and mountain biking experience. More leisurely cycling is possible in the southern and eastern regions of Sicily and guided cycling tours are also a great way to discover the ancient Greek and Roman heritage in some of Sicily's historic cities.


Thanks to its varied Sicilian coastline with steep volcanic cliffs, sea stacks, limestone flats and the many small offshore islands, Sicily is one of the best fishing destinations across Europe. Predators like Barracuda, Bluefish, Grouper, Sea-bass or Amber-jack are commonly found in the clear waters and are not difficult to face. Fishing is possible all around Sicily and trips run from a couple of hours to a few days.

Kayaking and SUP

Especially on the eastern side of Sicily, the rugged coastline with the calm waters offers perfect conditions to explore some hidden caves and grottoes while enjoying the refreshing blue sea. Kayaking or SUP is also a great way to discover the volcanic heritage of the Aeolian Islands or to explore the hidden bays and beautiful coastline on the Egadi Islands off the western Sicilian coast.

Canyoning and Coasteering

Walk, swim and jump into the refreshing waters on a coasteering or canyoning adventure while you discover some of Sicily's amazing natural and geological heritage. This is a fun way to get out of your comfort zone and explore rivers, gorges and other parts of nature which otherwise seem inaccessible. Whether it's jumping off a waterfall or sliding into whitewater, this is a fun adventure for anyone who enjoys the water and outdoors. The Alcantara Gorge north of Taormina and Etna in the East or the Nebrodi Mountains in the North of Sicily offer excellent setting to experience the beautiful Sicilian nature in a fun and exciting way.

Cultural Tours

Sicily is spoiled with history and heritage and it is well worth it to explore the ancient towns with a local guide who will not only show you the highlights, but also bring you to some hidden places and share stories about the people who made (and still make) Sicily what it is today. Rest assured that you are in good hands with our expert local guides and all tours can be tailored to meet any special interest.

Culinary Experiences

There are many ways to discover and learn about Sicilys tasty gastronomy. If you want to explore the street food scene in Catania or Palermo, learn how to make delicious gelato or cannolis in a private cooking class or want to relax at an exclusive wine tasting experience in one of the estates around the island, Sicily’s food heritage is as rich and colorful as its inhabitants and it’s well worth exploring with a local!

Contact us and discover more hidden gems of Sicily and find some inspiration for your next Sicily holiday in our Sicily Adventure Weeks, Sicily Family Adventures and local experiences in Sicily..


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