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UNESCO heritage, ancient culture and a full range of sweet and savoury culinary delights, Sicily offers a great choice of unique tours and experience to discover the complete flavours of this wonderful island.

Wild landscapes and dreamy villages on the Egadi Islands

The Egadi Islands are an archipelago comprising of three main islands in the west of Sicily. As part of Europe‘s biggest marine reserve they are characterised by a wild landscape and dreamy Italian villages. Even though they are well within reach for a day trip from Sicily it is a wonderful experience to spend the night on Favignana, the biggest of the Egadi Islands. Looking out onto the calm water in the morning, seeing the fishermen coming in early, ready to deliver their fresh catch to the morning market. Watching the narrow streets of the village from a romantic little balcony on the white and terracotta facades, slowly awakening before the first day visitors arrive.  A true oasis of rural Italian living.

The baroque heritage of the stunning Noto Valley

Val di Noto, the Noto Valley, is a historically and architecturally outstanding area in the south east of Sicily. Noto is famous for its remarkable buildings from the early 18th century, some of the finest examples of Sicilian Baroque style. After an earthquake that destroyed most of the towns in the area in 1693, they were rebuilt in a quite homogeneous style, turning them into a harmonious Baroque ensemble. The UNESCO World Heritage known as the “The Baroque Cities of Val di Noto“ consists of the eight towns Caltagirone, Militello in Val di Catania, Catania, Modica, Noto, Palazzolo Acreide, Ragusa and Scicli.

Discover the food scene in Catania

Join the Catania Street Food and Market Tour to discover unique flavours that you won‘t find in restaurants or guide books. Accompanied by a food expert with plenty of insider tips you get to experience the culinary side of the ancient port town of Catania like a local. On an island like Sicily and with Catania being right on the east coast, fish and seafood are a major part of the regional cuisine. Visit the famous fish market, learn about traditional recipes and taste some of the most amazing, freshly-caught fish. Or roam the backstreets at night time with your guide to show you the best “secret“ street food restaurants. Tasting the food of Sicily is learning about Itlian culture and regional cookery that goes far beyond pasta and pizza!

Escape to the wilderness on an Etna wild camping adventure

Volcanoes have always been mysterious and fascinating to mankind. Not knowing when the next eruption might take place, seeing them transform landscapes and influence geology to a major extent comes with a thrill that adventurers can hardly resist. In Sicily you have the opportunity to explore the best trails on volcano Etna with its lava tubes and unique formations. Etna is quite an active volcano which makes it an even bigger adventure to walk on its lava desert, jump between different lava rivers and camp out in the wilderness for a night. Be one with nature while sitting around a campfire and enjoying local BBQ food.

Admiring the sunset over a wine tasting on Lipari

Lipari is the biggest of the Aeolian Islands north off the coast of Sicily. Famous for its wines and amidst a landscape full of vibrant colours how only nature could paint them, it is the perfect destination for a day trip with wine tasting in one of the extensive vineyards on the island. There are frecuent ferry connections from Milazzo, Messina and Sicily‘s capital Palermo to Lipari and the journey takes about an hour. Once you get to Lipari it is time to indulge - in the lovely food and regional wines, the unrivalled sunsets over the sea and the peaceful and intimate atmosphere of the rural Italian life style.

The secrets of Marsala

Marsala is a historical town in the westernmost part of Sicily. It was built on the ruins of the ancient Carthaginian city of Lilybaeum and includes the archaeological site of the island of Motya, an ancient Phoenician town. Its modern name most likely derives from the Arabic, meaning “God‘s Harbour“. In that harbour it was where Giuseppe Garibaldi landed on 11th May 1860 on his “Expedition of the Thousand“ what Marsala is most famous for. But also Marsala Wine, a fortified sweet or dry wine, produced in the region around the city, is a popular visitor attraction. The historical town centre is dominated by the impressive cathedral Duomo di San Tommaso di Canterbury. Right beside it is the tapestries museum displaying rare Flamish masterpieces. A trip to Marsala is the perfect combination of culture and sightseeing, food and wine as well as beautiful scenery with long stretches of gorgeous beaches.


A visit to the Zingaro Nature Reserve

The Zingaro Nature Reserve is one of Sicily's most admired natural pearls and was the first one of its kind to be established on the island in 1981. Ideal for hiking and swimming Zingaro offers spectacular panoramic views over the sea and the surrounding landscape. Characterised by a rocky coast scenic trails lead to secluded coves with turquoise water, ideal for a dip in the pleasently warm water of around 24°C to 28°C during the summer. In small sheperd huts along the way hikers can learn about the history, flora and fauna of the region. You can also explore Zingaro via boat and enjoy the beautiful nature from the water side. Either way visiting Zingaro Nature Reserve is an outdoor day well spent!

Join Sicily’s sagre-festivals, an immersion in local food & traditions

The Italian ‘sagre’ are traditional food and cultural festivals that take place in various regions of the country, including Sicily. These festivals are typically dedicated to celebrating and showcasing a specific local food or traditional dish. The ‘sagre’ are an essential part of culture and provide a unique opportunity to explore and savor culinary traditions and heritage. Sicily’s ‘sagre’ are often held in Autumn, celebrating harvest time. Are you in to immerse in these local celebrations? Then, put these popular ‘sagre’ in your agenda for your next visit: 

For sweet lovers, The “Sagra della Mandorla” (Almond Festival) is held in August, and showcases the importance of almonds in Sicilian cuisine. In September there is the “Sagra del Pesce azzurro” (Bluefish Festival) in the coastal town of Acireale to celebrates the abundance of bluefish in the Ionian Sea, as well as the “Sagra dell'Uva” (Grape Festival) in Biancavilla, a town on the slopes of Mount Etna. On the other side of Sicily, in the seaside town of San Vito Lo Capo, September is the month of the important “Sagra del Cous Cous” and shows the Arabic influence in Sicilian cuisine. Finally if you are planning a holiday in Sicily in October, you can’t miss The “Sagra del Pistacchio di Bronte” (Pistachio Festival) in Bronte with many pistachio-based dishes and products to try.


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