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Hiking on young volcanic slopes, swimming in the crystal clear blue waters of the Mediterranean, climbing and sliding along a mountain river gorger, all while enjoying the delicious Sicilian cuisine and relaxing time with the whole family - Sicily is a spectacular outdoor destination with fantastic adventures and activities for young and old!

Explore the underwater world on a snorkeling adventure

Like many islands Sicily is a great destination for snorkeling with plenty to see and discover underwater. As one of the largest and most popular marine reserves in Italy it comprises of a spectacular seafloor with an incredible flora and fauna. One of the best spots to encounter the famous Ustica shrimp is Cala Sidoti near Ustica. Also ideal for snorkeling is Cala Capreria in the Zingaro Nature Reserve. With its long stretch of bays and crystal clear water it awaits with an enchanting sealife and beautiful red corals. Whether you are a snorkeling enthusiasts or trying it our for the first time - Sicily offers itineraries and guides for every level of experience. Hence snorkeling is a great activity to enjoy with the whole family and a great opportunity to discover the island‘s hidden treasures.

Swim in the Warm Waters around Vulcano Island

This is not only fun, but also benefits your health is taking a mud bath in the warm waters surrounding a volcano in Sicily. With a pleasant temperature and containing skin softening sulphur, the pools of hot mud, warm water and evocative fumaroles are a natural, open-air spa treatment that comes with an amazing view. Relax and enjoy your “hydromassage“ whilst facing the rocky cliffs on the one side and the amazingly blue ocean on the other. Even after days you will still feel the healing properties of the mud, that relieve bone and skin conditions as well as help with respiratory issues. Get the whole family re-energised and re-vitalised by only one soak in the thermal soil of Sicily

Syracuse / Ortigia Island Cycling Tour

Ortigisa Island and the region around Syracuse in the south east of Sicily offer an abundance of beautiful cycle destinations along the coast. Whether you are planning a multi-day cycling tour or day trips, there is plenty to discover on those trails passing through coastal villages and along sandy beaches. Stop as you please and explore Sicily‘s wonderful natural and historical heritage. Experienced local tour agencies provide itineraries that divide trips into manageable legs and guides give expertise advice on terrain and required fitness levels. With the right preparation and equipment cycling on Sicily is a great family adventure and covers different fields of interests en route.

Follow in the footsteps of the Mafia in Sacova

The mafia is probably something you rather not come in contact with when in Sicily. Unless it is the Mafia Tour in Savoca which is a great family experience. These fun, guided tours lift the lid on Sicily‘s murky Mafia connections and leads its participants to filming locations of the famous “Godfather“. The Mafia Museum - Centro Internazionale di Documentazione sulla Mafia e del Movimento Antimafia is also part of the walk, displaying artwork, hard-hitting photographs, anecdotes and historical facts. The mafia movement that operates under the nickname “Cosa Nostra“ still exists today, but has less power since the majority of people knows about it. If you don‘t only want to ‘know‘ about the mafia, but learn about its beginnings and legacy, this is the tour for you!

Explore the slopes of Mount Etna on the historic Circumetnea train

The historic Circumetnea train, or  the "Ferrovia Circumetnea" in Italian, is a charming narrow-gauge railway that encircles Mount Etna in Sicily. This iconic railway has been chugging along the rugged volcanic terrain for over a century, providing a unique and family-friendly journey through history and nature. The Circumetnea train dates back to the late 19th century when it was used to transport agricultural goods and passengers between the towns and villages that dot the slopes of Mount Etna. 

Today the train winds its way through an amazing scenery of charming towns, vineyards, orchards, and dense forests with plenty of breathtaking vistas and possiblities to take pictures! The Circumetnea railway covers a distance of approximately 110 kilometers which takes about 3.5 to 4 hours to complete. The primary starting point for the Circumetnea train is in Catania but you can also hop on board on one of its stops. You can also step-off the train and explore the villages along the way, just be sure to keep track of the schedule to catch the next available train.


Enjoy a family day in the Tiberio Gorge

The Gola di Tiberio, or Tiberio Gorge, nestled in the heart of Sicily, is a hidden gem of natural beauty. This picturesque gorge enchants visitors with its serene atmosphere and lush surroundings and offers a range of activities for a day of exploration with the family. 

The gorge's winding trails invite hikers for a peaceful nature walk, the trails are generally well-maintained and suitable for families with children of various ages. Little explorers can also venture through its rocky terrain, providing an opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich biodiversity. Keep an eye out for local wildlife, such as birds, butterflies, and other small creatures! Pack a picnic and enjoy a lunch surrounded by the beauty of the gorge and in summer the crystal-clear streams invite you even for a refreshing swim.

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