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Sicily has it all - dry, sunny climate, crystal clear water, mouth-watering gastronomy and volcanic heritage. The island is practically made for outdoor adventures, if you are looking to venture around Sicily's smoking slopes and explore active volcanoes, explore ancient history in an active way or enjoy some of the many water activities around the island.

Hiking on the smoking slopes of Mount Etna

Hiking Sicily's and one of the world‘s most active volcanoes - what greater adventure can there be? You can visit Mount Etna all year around, but the best time to hike the 3,326 meter high summit is from April to September. The rest of the year it will be likely that you have heavy snow on the ground or hike in clouds. To avoid extreme temperatures and a high volume of tourists, we recommend May or late September/early October to embark your Etna adventure. The best way to tackle the challenging hike is with an experienced guide and if needed with assistance of the cable car ride and a 4x4 bus bringing you to the start of the crater area. From here you will continue on foot to the lower part of the craters. 

Experience a volcanic eruption on Stromboli

You will hardly get closer to the inner forces of nature than this, so this is an absolute must-do when visiting Sicily is hiking the active volcano of Stromboli. Like its neighbour Etna, it is one of the most active volcanoes on the planet. Due to its regular eruptions it is called the “Lighthouse of the Mediterranean“. However it is not located on the island of Sicily but about 70 km off its northern coast. There is a ferry running regularly from Milazzo so you can arrive to Stromboli Island pretty much any hour of the day. There are hiking tours leaving the bottom of the volcano in the afternoon. While you are on your steep ascent up to the summit, you have amazing views over the cute village of Stromboli and the Mediterranean Sea. You will reach the top in the dark (obviously properly equipped and with a guide) to enjoy spectacular views of the volcano and its fiery eruptions every couple of minutes which are even more impressive in the dark.

Cycling through the old forests and villages around Etna

There is no better way to discover the authentic areas of Sicily than by bike. To explore the rougher terrain around Mount Etna you can rent a bike at the Sapienza Refuge, the main hub at the south side of the mountain. The most popular route starts further down though, in Nicolosi, leading up to the north of Catania and then 18 km onto 1,892 meters to the location of the Refuge at an average gradient of 7%. This is the route the Giro d‘ Italia usually takes. All together there are six different routes, depending which side you want to start on. Whilst the journey is challenging, it is worth it and absolutely beautiful, leading you through picturesque villages and past volcano craters. A perfect combination of physical challenge and exploring one of the most iconic natural sites in Sicily.


Body rafting adventure in the gorgeous Alcantara gorge

Get your adrenaline flowing on this great body rafting experience in the heart of Sicily! In the geological and botanical park of Alcantara an experienced guide will take you on a river trekking and body rafting excursion through the impressive gorges formed by the still active volcanoes on and around the island. Equipped with life jackets and helmets you will overcome small rapids, jump off lava walls and swim in the astonishing Alcantara River located in a Canyon. Immerse yourself into Sicily‘s stunning nature while experiencing the adventure of your lifetime!

Big game fishing around Sicily

If you are looking for a more slow-paced activity in Sicily why not go on a fishing trip in the Mediterranean Sea? Accompanied by a professional native fisherman you can enjoy either a shore or boat fishing trip experience. From the coast you will be able to fish for Little Tunny, Dentex Red Porgy, Seabass, Amberjack, Bluefish and more, depending on the time of year. Swordfish or Albacore Tuna can be caught during open water fishing. There are several tour packages available including multi-day trips. Camping out in the remote nature of Sicily after a day out fishing is a fantastic way to complete your experience!

Sea kayaking under the cliffs of Taormina

Explore Sicily's natural caves and the most beautiful bays along the magnificent coast off Taormina in a sea kayak! Not only for water enthusiasts sea kayaking is a great way of experiencing nature. Being that close to the water, surrounded by schools of dolphins (if you are lucky and depending on the season), paddling through the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea is such a fun activity. The region from Giardini Naxos‘ Beach to Isola Beach is particularly spectacular, including the enchanting Blue Grotto. The so called “Blue Cave of Taormina“ reflects the little sunlight hitting the underwater cave and making the water shimmer in a magical blue. Something not to be missed when visiting Sicily!


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Image by Sander Lenaerts

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