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Collapsed calderas, black sand beaches, hot springs and mysterious deep valleys, the volcanic heritage of the Azores is omnipresent with every step you take. From canyoning along the rugged coastline, hiking through the wonderful lush scenery or enjoying the fresh clear blue waters to the fullest, you can be sure to find the adventure you are looking for.

Watch the sunrise from Pico mountain

Conquering a mountain top must be one of the biggest adventures on earth! But it doesn‘t have to be Everest straight away. How about the highest peak of Portugal and one of the country‘s 7 natural wonders? With its 2351 meters and a duration of 7-8 hours, climbing Mount Pico on the Azores Archipelago is the perfect challenge for hikers with a medium level of experience. Accompanied by professional guides you are off to a fun day full of physical challenges and will be rewarded with amazing views. If you decide to join the Night Hike to Mount Pico, the stunning view might not be as obvious at first, but watching the sunrise from the top will be all the more rewarding.


Discover the secrets of the coast on a coasteering adventure

Exploring the Azores‘ hidden places and natural beauty in a fun and adventurous way - that is canyoning! Immerse into the islands‘ vast diversity of endemic forests and hidden streams; spectacular rocks and waterfalls. Get your adrenaline flowing and push yourself to your limits whilst spending time in the most beautiful natural habitats in the world. You are all about the physical challenge? Then try night canyoning and be prepared for a big adventure!

The Azores belong to the worldwide most breathtaking places for coasteering. Embark that unique adventure of scrambling and traversing the tide line, swim the volcanic bottom with its flora and fauna, climb cliffs and free jump into the open sea! Are you brave enough for this unforgettable experience? 

Hiking through through lush green nature on volcanic grounds

The Azores are the perfect destination for hikes of all kinds of levels, suitable for various age groups. Apart from the lush and diverse landscape with its endemic forests and stunning coastline, there is an impressive fauna to be discovered. Enjoy the many walking trails or join a bird watching trip. Guided by experienced professionals you will learn so much about the archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. Whatever you choose to do on the Azores, nature won‘t fail to impress!

The legendary Sete Cidades lakes - Land of Tales

Sete Cidades is a place of fairy tales indeed. Not only due to its indescribable natural beauty, but also because of the legend that surrounds the place. Located in a massive volcanic crater, two lakes as blue as blue can be shimmers in between the lush green mountains surrounding it. It is believed that Sete Cidades is one of the possible locations of the mysterious underwater city of Atlantis. It certainly is the place of the Azores‘ saddest love story according to which the lakes were formed by tears cried by lovers who were not allowed to be together. Either way it is well worth a visit!

Discovering the unique Fãjas of São Jorge

When you think you have seen it all, the Azores await with yet another dramatic landscape called the Fãjas. This island features over 70 pieces of land, formed by a volcanic eruption. “Fãja - or Island - Hopping“ is a great way to explore this unusual landscape by the sea and visit one of the many famous cheese factories located on them. Certainly an adventure of a different kind, featuring a culinary pleasure typical for the archipelago.

Explore the rich marine wildlife in the crystal clear ocean

Due to its location in the Atlantic Ocean the Azores are ideal for all sorts of water and beach related sports. Whether sailing towards the sunset in a chilled environment, windsurfing on the volcanic beaches, stand up paddling along the coast, kayaking or canoeing through nature - the Azores have perfect conditions to make you feel connected with the water. Dream big: diving with blue sharks, snorkeling with manta rays or taking the sailing trip of your lifetime - anything is possible on the Azores!

A canyoning adventure in Parque da Ribeira dos Caldeirões

Parque da Ribeira dos Caldeirões is located in the north-east part of the island of São Miguel, which is only a 45 minutes drive from Ponta Delgada. The park - a protected area located along the course of the Guilherme river - is characterized by abundant flora, and a Laurissilva forest, which you find only in a few areas in Europe, one of which is the Azores. It is a humid, subtropical forest with surprising vegetation due to its shapes and sizes, among which the tree ferns. Apart from amazing flora, it has crystal water pools and many rock formations. Therefore,  it is a perfect spot to go canyoning! Rappels, jumps in the water, and taking rock- and waterslides is all included in this fantastic adventure sport! There are various canyoning tours in Ribeira Park, for every level. 


Hit the waves, surfing on São Miguel island

Among the islands of the Azores, São Miguel is considered the best for surfing due to its variety of surf spots suitable for different skill levels and consistent waves throughout the year. 

One of the most famous and consistent surf spots in the Azores is Santa Barbara Beach with a range of waves suitable for beginners and experienced surfers alike. Also Ribeira Grande and Praia dos Mosteiros are perfect for both beginners and intermediate surfers. Close to Porto Delgada there are Vila Franca do Campo and Populo Beach, the last being great for beginners to learn how to surf. While São Miguel is highlighted for its surf scene, other islands in the Azores, such as São Jorge, also offer excellent surfing opportunities. Praia do Norte on São Jorge, for instance, is famous for its challenging big waves that attract experienced surfers looking for an adrenaline rush.


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