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Adventures for families

One might think the Azores archipelago was made for adventures - with it's lush green nature, volcanic heritage and crystal clear blue waters surrounding the islands, the Azores are a true paradise for outdoor activities and unique family friendly adventures.

Spot whales and dolphins in their natural habitat

More than 20 species of whales live in the waters around the Azores making the archipelago one of the best destinations in the world for whale watching. There are different tours on offer starting from various places on the islands. What you get in all of them is an experienced biologist guide and a guarenteed adventure. Whether you head out in a Zodiac or a more comfortable catamaran, spotting the giant creatures in their natural habitat of the amazing Azores marine wildlife reserve is something you will never forget. The impressive Sperm Whale is the most iconic to encounter around the Azores. Savour the moment and get your cameras ready for when their massive tail fins break through the water surface!

Explore the Atlantic Ocean while swimming with dolphins

Swimming with dolphins is a great adventure for the whole family. Getting that close to the friendly sea creatures in such an amazing natural environment like the Azores is a memory for lifetime. Throughout the entire experience your guides will make sure that it remains a respectful interaction between participants and dolphins, always in consideration of the preservation guidelines for the marine wildlife of the Azores. Rather than seeing the majestic mammals in a tiny pool performing forced acrobatics, you encounter them undisturbed in their familiar surroundings and free in their movements and natural behaviour. An experience that these social animals will probably enjoy as much as you.

Indulge in traditional home-made ice cream 

Embark a 4-hour hands-on experience of Ice Cream Making using traditional fruit and ingredients of the Azores. This unusual culinary activity is fun for the whole family and everybody who enjoys ice cream. In a small group you will learn about the process of how to make the all-time summer favorite and what is so special about it in the Azores. Of course you get to try the results afterwards and we can guarantee that it will taste all the better after making it yourself. A literally cool and refreshing day out!

Take a dip in the thermal pools at Caldeira Velha

Caldeira Velha is a natural monument in the center of the island of São Miguel in the Azores. The habitat is characterized by a lush, unspoiled vegetation featuring thermal pools, exotic plants, waterfalls and the sound of hundreds of birds. Spending a day in Caldeira Velha is like entering a different world - a jungle of a unique flora and fauna, secluded and far away from civilization. Relax and unwind whilst bathing in the warm cascades of the waterfalls that have been shaped by the volcanic activities in the area. Take advantage of the healing powers of the natural springs full of minerals and with a pleasant temperature of 25℃ to up to 38℃.Or explore Caldeira Velha on an adventurous hike. You won‘t run out of possibilities of what to do in this fascinating nature reserve in the Azores.

Enjoy a perfect beach day on the island of Santa Maria 

Santa Maria is known as the "island of the sun." With a warmer and drier climate than the rest of the islands of the Azores, and stunning Caribbean-like white-sand beaches and crystal waters, it provides the perfect setting to enjoy a day at the beach. Praia Formosa is one of these gorgeous beaches of Santa Maria. It is a sparkling, near-white stretch of sandy beach that sits amid a scenic landscape of lush green hillsides and stunning seaside cliffs. Another jewel is São Lourenço Bay. It has the unique shape of an amphitheater and is backed by terraces of green vineyards that contrast the blue hues of the sea and white-washed houses at the seafront.

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