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Adventures for families

If you are looking for a fun and activity-filled family holiday on Portugal's wonderful sandy shores, an immersive city break filled with exciting history and heritage or an adventure-filled getaway in the stunning river valleys and mountain ranges, you will be spoiled for choice in Portugal.

Discover Lisbon on a private family tour

Sightseeing with kids can be challenging when a city tour only consists of facts and figures. Rather than skipping a visit to Lisbon, join a city tour that has been especially designed for kids. Packed with entertaining stories, fun activities and tasty treats the whole family gets to discover Portugals capital through the eyes of children. Family friendly tours through Lisbon have the interests of all family members in mind and contain interactive games as well as educational features. Discover the most iconic sights of Lisbon, hear about insider tips and enjoy the familiar atmosphere of the tour, facilitated by experienced guides who are storytellers specialising in different fields such as art, history or food. A vibrant way of discovering Lisbon!

A historic steam train ride through the UNESCO listed Douro Valley 

Take a journey on the historic Douro Valley Train running along the Duoro River and travel back in time. The steam locomotive with its five historical carriages runs from June to  October between the cities of Régua and Tua passing a beautiful landscape which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The ca. 3-hour train ride starts with a welcome drink of Portugal‘s famous port wine, some local sweets and musical entertainment before departure. The train journey itself will be accompanied by regional musicians and singers providing first class entertainment whilst the Duoro Valley slowly passes by outside. Explore the gorgeous interior of the train before your stop en route in Pinhão. Watch how the old locomotive gets turned around for your trip back to Régua.

A rural farm day in the heart of Alentejo

Taste the flavours of Alentejo on a family adventure sourcing and sampling different regional products. There are plenty of tours on offer that introduce local foods in a fun and even adventurous way. How about an orienteering experience in 4x4 jeep exploring nature and what it has to offer from a culinary perspective? Learn about Cork trekking in the typical cork tree forests. Enjoy a relaxing picnic in the amazing landscape and get spoilt by Portugals unique flavours. Join a tour on an olive oil farm or a wine tasting in one of the romantic vineyards. The region of Alentejo and Évora is a paradise for food lovers and everybody who likes to explore homemade products and traditional local meals.

Visiting the fishing communities within Ria Formosa Natural Park 

Ria Formosa Natural Park is home to several fishing communities along its coastline in the Algarve region of Portugal. These communities have a rich maritime heritage and are known for their traditional fishing practices and cultural significance.

Visiting these villages is a family-friendly and unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture, traditions, and way of life while also enjoying the natural beauty of the region. 

Many fishing communities in the park offer guided boat tours and fishing excursions. Joining one of these tours allows you to learn about traditional fishing techniques, and even try your hand at fishing. Some communities offer workshops where you can learn about the craft of boat building, a skill that has been passed down through generations. Wander through traditional fishing villages like Cacela Velha, with a picturesque hilltop location overlooking the Ria Formosa, or head to the local markets in Olhão and Fuseta to sample fresh seafood or seek out local artisans who craft traditional fishing nets, baskets, and pottery. Furthermore, you can visit oyster farms in the park and learn about the process of cultivating oysters or discover the salt pans with guided tours where you learn all about the history and process of salt harvesting.

Explore the Arouca Geopark - an outdoor paradise for family adventures

Arouca Geopark is an excellent destination for family adventures. This UNESCO-recognized geopark offers a wide range of outdoor activities and natural wonders that are not only educational but also perfect for families to explore together. The park is renowned for its unique geological formations, including quartzite rock formations and ancient fossils. Families can embark on guided tours or join educational programs and workshops to learn about geology and fossils. In Ichnological Park you can see ancient dinosaur footprints and learn about the dinosaurs that once roamed the area.

The highlight of the park is the Paiva Walkways, also known as Passadiços do Paiva. These wooden walkways stretch for several kilometers along the Paiva River with scenic viewpoints and exciting suspension bridges to traverse.

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