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Thanks to it's size and eventful history, Portugal boasts itself with ancient culture, rich heritage and diverse traditions, which are best experienced on a guided tour with local people.

The magnificent UNESCO Douro Valley and its wines

Without a doubt, Portugal is famous for port wine and its high quality table wines. Ripened in the vineyards of the Douro Valley and characterized by its distinctive flavors it belongs to one of the oldest demarcated regions of the world. Inseparable from the river Douro originating in central Spain and cutting through deep valleys until near Porto, the beautiful landscape of green in the summer and fiery red in the winter is officially recognised by the UNESCO. Pay a visit to the Museo de Douro to learn more about the precious nectar. You can explore the wine route by car, train or even boat. Whichever way you choose you will be enchanted by the blue river meandering through the valley of terraced vineyards and the pure air!

Discover the heritage and history along the Costa Vincentina

Discover the magnificent southwest of Portugal in an authentic and sustainable way! Immerse yourself into different eco-friendly activities to explore the natural beauty and experience the culture of the Southwest Alentejo and Vincentina Coast Natural Park. It comprises of 110 km of Portugal's wild coastline and 75.000 hectars of diverse habitats with plenty of endemic plants and species in an mostly untouched environment. Choose from an abundance of innovative, sustainable activities such as a barefoot walking tour along the sandy beaches,  a tango class in an old farmhouse surrounded by horses, shepherd dogs and domesticated boars, or a live music session along the dunes of Praia da Bordeira. Meet talented craftsmen in a pottery workshop and taste local produce such as cheese and honey. Experience this special region with all your senses and make it an adventure to remember!

Taste the local cheeses and wines in Serra da Estrela

A beautiful way of getting to know a coutry is by tasting its culinary highlights. Indulge yourself into Portugal‘s delicious food and extraordinary wines on the Cheese and Wine Tasting Tour in Serra da Estrela. Located amidst scenic mountains - the highest in mainland Portugal - and surrounded by lakes and forests ideal for hiking, you will taste a selection of finest goat‘s cheeses accompanied by choosen wines from the region at Casa Cerro da Correira. A beautiful location facing the Zêzere Glacier Valley. Hence the perfect experience to combine sightseeing with treating your palate. 

Discover the medieval hilltop villages of Alentejo

Portugal's Alentejo region is rich of heritage, tradition and ancient history. One highlight of this wonderful region are the small medieval villages scattered across the region, set on hill-top location and inviting you on an inspiring journey deep into Portugal's history.  Apart from getting to know the historical heritage of the region and venturing around the small alleys, you can also discover the villages in a special active way,  including rope activities, orienteering, puzzles, quizzes and a variety of team games. 

Explore Douro Internacional Parque on an Eco tour

The Douro River Valley in the north of Portugal is a region of outstanding natural beauty. Characterized by the meandering river, running deep down between green mountains and a lush vegetation. A paradise for lovers of the outdoors and a perfect location for nature walks and wildlife observation tours. Why not take a photography tour focusing on the rare bird species living in the valley? Or a combined tour getting to know the region‘s flora and fauna on the one hand and the cultural and culinary heritage on the other. Douro International Nature Park gives you a unique perspective and insight into Portugal‘s unspoiled nature reserves, small authentic villages and their welcoming communities.

Admire the Dark Sky over Alqueva on a night canoeing adventure

Canoeing has become a very popular activity in Portugal and elsewhere. No wonder many people are enjoying this soothing and at the same time active and slightly adventurous way of exploring a region by water. Dark Sky Canoeing however is taking the experience to a whole new level. During a canoe tour by night in the Alqueva Reserve participants get to observe the amazing night sky of the Alentejo interior, take a stroll along the shores of the lake or even take a dip in the water with the moonlight reflecting on the calm surface of the lake. The Alqueva area in classified as a dark sky region completely free of any night pollution, giving visitors the opportunity to admire the full extend of the night sky on a clear night. A great and slightly unusual experience making you feel at one with nature in the peace and stillness of the night.

Venture through the UNESCO listed Ribeira District of Porto

The Ribeira district of Porto, often referred to as the heart of the city, is probably the most authentic and picturesque, allowing you to connect with local culture and cuisine. Begin your journey by strolling along the picturesque Ribeira waterfront. The colorful, narrow, and winding streets are filled with historic buildings and are best explored on foot. Don’t miss São Francisco Church with its stunning baroque interior and Livraria Lello, a historic bookstore with an intricate neo-gothic façade, awe-inspiring staircase, and art nouveau design. For lunch, head to one of the traditional Portuguese restaurants or "tasca" in Ribeira to savor local dishes like Francesinha (a hearty sandwich), Bacalhau à Brás (salt cod with scrambled eggs), and fresh seafood. Afterward, take a traditional Rabelo boat ride on the Douro River. These boats, once used to transport Port wine barrels, offer a unique perspective of Porto's historic waterfront.

The Ribeira is also perfect for shopping for local crafts, including hand-painted tiles (azulejos), pottery, cork products, and artisanal jewelry.


Discover the cork oak forests of the Alentejo

The Alentejo region, especially around towns like Évora and Coruche, is one of the primary cork-producing areas in Portugal and the cork oak trees form an essential part of its landscape.

Here in this area you can embark on authentic cork farm tours or visit cork oak forests and cork factories where you can learn about the cork extraction process, the importance of cork oak ecosystems, and the sustainable practices employed in the industry. In Coruche you can visit the cork museum (Museu da Cortiça) or join a workshop where you can try your hand at creating cork-based crafts, such as coasters, jewelry, or decorative items.


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