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Venture off to high mountains, scenic valleys and remote islands, explore the beautiful national parks and witness Scotland's turbulent past in historic towns, impressive castles and abbeys.

Scotland is the most Northerly part of the United Kingdom is bursting with green spaces, lush forests, towering mountains and vast lochs. Enjoy the best of Scottish hospitality while relaxing in cozy B&Bs, charming country houses or luxurious castles and by sampling the culinary highlights including baked treats in all forms and world class Scotch whisky.

Adventure Holidays Destinations


Adventure Holidays Destinations

Located on the Northern end of the United Kingdom, Scotland occupies around one third of the territory of the island of Great Britain. It borders England in the South, the North Sea to the East and the Atlantic Ocean to the North and West. Most places are within 40 - 50 km from the seam even though at its greatest length, Scotland extends just over 440 km from Cape Wrath to the Mull of Galloway and measures around 250km from West to East between the Western Highlands and the Grampian Mountains.
Scotland counts just under 5,5 million residents with Glasgow and Edinburgh accounting for nearly a fifth of the whole population. On average, there are only 68 people per square kilometer (8 in the Highlands), making Scotland the most sparsely populated country in the UK.

Adventure Holidays Destinations

Adventure Holidays Destinations


Adventure Holidays Destinations

Blessed with a both rugged and sandy long coastline, mysterious valleys and mountains, calm waterways and diverse National Parks, Scotland is spoiled for choice when it comes to outdoor adventures and unique local experiences. Poke through our selection of exciting activities, authentic experiences and family fun that will make your trip to Scotland an adventure to remember for a lifetime.


Adventure Holidays Destinations

Set among a series of volcanic hills the Scottish capital is a wonderful composition of late medieval tenements, neo-classical terraces and grand modern building projects. Despite Edinburgh’s wild and somehow raw appeal reflecting in the contrast of the medieval architecture and the elegant Georgian houses of the new town and big chunks of wilderness around the center, Edinburgh remains one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Besides its grand architecture, Edinburgh excites with its vibrant arts scene with a cosmopolitan mix of galleries, museums parks and mouth-watering gastronomic traditions. Edinburgh is also the home to some of the world’s biggest and delightful arts festivals.

Scotland’s biggest city is a mix of noble character, handsome buildings and invincible spirit. Glasgow transformed from a small elegant merchant city to an industrial center in the course of industrialization in the 19th century, which has left its mark on the city’s structure, but Glasgow has always been able to show a strong sense of open-mindness, nobility and unbreakable self-esteem. The city comes with its share of fine architecture, gardens and parks, but it’s real appeal lies in its social and cultural scene with buzzing nightlife, fine restaurants, world-class shopping and a vibrant arts and theatre scene.

Southeast Scotland
Also known as the border, Southeastern Scotland delights with castles, ruined abbeys, baronial mansions and evidence of past turbulent struggles laid out in 1,800 square miles of stunning countryside and woodlands. Much of the area is shaped by the river Tweed cutting its way from the small village of Tweedsmuir through rugged moorland, craggy terrain and little towns and along its way, you can enjoy stunning panoramic views from steep slopes and hillsides. The area also has a reputation for world-class mountain-biking and fishing.

Southwest Scotland
The gentle countryside of Scotland's Southwest is characterized by scattered farms and villages laid-out between soaring granite mountains and green pastures. Set against the lonely and beautiful Galloway Hills, the area comes with plenty of wildlife, ancient stone circles and pretty villages.

Central Scotland
The region around Stirling, Edinburgh and Glasgow is set between the waterways of the Forth and Clyde is strongly associated with some of Scotland’s most famous historical personalities, including William Wallace, Rob Roy and Mary Queen of Scots. Along the rivers shores you will encounter magnificent castles, beautiful country parks and pretty landscapes while pristine beaches, majestic lakes and great pine forests await in the inland. Scotland's heartland region around Perthshire attracts with vibrant culture, stunning landscape made of woodlands, waterfalls, rivers and craggy hills as well as historic attractions and architecture.

The West Coast and Isles
The West coast of Scotland comes with mysterious mountains, moors and lochs, magnificent ancient castles and a magical seaboard of isolated villages and small ports. Here you will find incredibly dramatic landscapes, beautiful unspoiled islands and sandy beaches. From the rich coastal landscapes and the charming seaside villages of Argyll to the magical landscapes on the Isle of Skye, the dramatic Scottish Hebrides and the haunted glens and mountains in Scotland's Northern highlands, the wild and wonderful beauty of the region along the rugged coastline really is the Scotland from the books.

North East Scotland
The coast and countryside set between the Firth of Tay and the sandy Moray Firth comes with pristine beaches, impressive castles and exciting cultural and maritime heritage. Rich croplands and farmlands, the wild adventure playground that is the Cairngorms National Park and a majestic wild coast dotted with coastal fishing villages have shaped the region for centuries and best reflect the determination and ambition in the Scottish character to impose their will on the land. Further, the malt whisky trail along the Spey river takes in eight of Scotland's world famous whisky distilleries in the stunning Speyside.

Shetland and Orkney Islands
Orkney in fact consists of 70 small islands and is separated from mainland Scotland by only 12km. The archipelago is full of historical artefacts and holds a variety of wildlife in a harmonious green and wide scenery. Here you will find white sandy beaches, some of Britain’s most impressive stone circles and a wealth of archaeological sites dating back as far as the Celts and Vikings.
A vast majority of the remote Shetland islands bordering to the Northeast are uninhabited and scattered over the swelling seas. The islands are dominated by animals and outnumber people by large numbers, besides large flocks of sheep you will encounter Shetland ponies, seals, porpoises, dolphins and millions of sea birds.

Adventure Holidays Destinations


Adventure Holidays Destinations

Practical tips on traveling to Scotland, festivities, events - all gathered here for you.


Adventure Holidays Destinations

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Adventure Holidays Destinations

Adventure  Holidays Destinations

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