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We have gathered some useful information to help you plan and best prepare for your next adventure to Norway! Browse through the information below or visit our travel bonanza for more stories and tips!


Under Norwegian law, you are entitled to healthcare help in Norway in the event of emergency or serious illness. EU / EEA citizens are entitled to emergency care under the EHIC. As in other countries, private travel insurance will insure against hefty health treatment bills.

In urgent situations an ambulance can be called by dialing 113. 

Some pharmacies in central locations in Oslo are open 24 hrs, but in general, opening hours for pharmacies in Norway are between 8am and 4pm and offer the usual over-the-counter medication. It is recommended to bring a supply of medication which is only available on prescription.


Citizens of any EU/EMA country do not require a visa upon arrival in Norway. A valid passport is required which is valid until the date you intend to leave Norway. Norway also holds visa exemption agreements with a list of countries outside Europe, which can be found here, please check with your foreign department if you are unsure.

Citizens of countries that don’t hold a visa exemption agreement with Norway need to present a visa upon arrival, which allows you to stay in Norway for up to 90 days. You will also need to present a passport which is valid for at least another three months after the end of your visit.


You can find up-to-date health and travel advise in relation to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic and traveling to and in Norway on the pages of the Norwegian Tourist Board.


The currency used in Norway is the Norwegian Krona (NOK). It is possible to exchange money in banks, post offices, designated currency exchange offices and bigger hotels. It is widely common to pay by card in Norway, even for smaller amounts and some hotels or taxis will not accept cash anymore. Nevertheless, ATMs are widely available and it is recommendable to carry small amounts of cash. Banks are usually open between 9am and 3.30pm Monday to Friday.

Norway is an expensive country and you should budget accordingly. On average, a meal in an inexpensive restaurant costs between 150 

Boat houses in Fjørå-Mattias, Norway | The Small Adventure Company - Adventure and Family Holidays in Europe

 - 200NOK while a three course in a mid range restaurant will easily come to 400NOK per person, excluding drinks. A cappuccino starts on average from 40NOK, a soft drink from 30 NOK and a beer from 80 NOK. 

Service charge is included in hotels and restaurants, but it is common to allow 5 - 10% extra for good service. Taxi fares are usually brought to a rounded amount.  


Shops in Norway are generally open Monday to Saturday between 9am and 6pm, some shops are open until 9pm and supermarkets may open for 24 hours. 

Tourist Information are open between 9am and 7pm Monday to Friday, between 10am and 6pm on Saturdays and on Sunday afternoon. In small towns or remote areas of Norway the tourist information only opens over the summer months. General opening times for museums and other attractions are between 9am and 6pm, often longer in summer. Some are closed on Mondays and only open on the weekends over the winter.


The voltage is 220V/50hz and sockets fit the standard European plugs with two rounds.


January 1

New Years Day

Friday before Easter

Good Friday

Monday after Easter

Easter Sunday

39 days after Easter Sunday

Ascension Day

7th Monday after Easter

Whit Monday

May 1

Labour Day

May 17

National Holiday

December 25

Christmas Day

December 26

St Stephens Day



Northern Lights Festival - classical and contemporary music festival



Opera Festival - opera, ballet, art and concerts



Ski Festival - large festival with the World Cup in Nordic Skiing and biathlon, ski jumping and cross-country

Early March


Winter Festival - sport events, carnival, concerts and opera

Second week of March to mid April

Rena to Lillehammer

Birkebeiner Intl Ski Race

mid March


Jazz festival

First week of April


International Music Festival

Late May to early June

Oslo Fjord

Faerder Sailing Race

Mid June


Nordkap March

Mid June


Emigration Festival - exhibitions, concerts, theater and folklore

Mid  June

All Norway

Midsummer night

June 23


Emigration Festival

Late June to early July


Midnight sun marathon

Late June


Exxon Mobil Bislett Games - Intl athletic competition

Early to mid July


International Jazz Festival

Mid July


Norway Cup International Youth Soccer Tournament

Late July to early August


International Folk Festival

early August


Peer Gynt Festival - music, art and parades

Early August


Jazz Festival

Second week of August


Chamber Music Festival

Mid August


Oslo Marathon

Mid September


Nobel Peace Price Ceremony

December 10

All Norway

Midsummer night

June 23

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