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Aunt Bette's Homemade Pecan Pie
Rockin’ Rocky Road Ice Cream
Tom’s Heavenly Apple Strudel
Joe’s Divine Butter Tarts



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Every principal town has a hospital with an emergency department or a health center. The EHIC (european Health Insurance Card) is widely accepted, but private travel insurance is always recommended.

General opening hours of pharmacies are from Monday to Saturday between 9am - 1pm and 3 - 7pm.



All people arriving to the Azores must present proof, in digital or paper format, of a document issued by a laboratory stating the passenger’s identification, the laboratory where the test was performed, the date of the test and the NEGATIVE result. 

You can also request to schedule a screening test to SARS-CoV2 with one of the contracted laboratories and attach the result afterwards.

Upon your entry to the Azores, you must fill in a questionnaire and submit the result of your test within 72 hours before the beginning of your trip. 

If you show any SYMPTOMS while on the Azores or have CLINICAL QUESTIONS, call 808 24 60 24, for assessment by a nurse, or send an email to

For further and up-to-date information, please visit



Like mainland Portugal, the Azores are part of the Eurozone. ATMs are common and it is possible to withdraw cash with your bank or credit card. Individual bank charges apply. 

Most hotels, restaurants and operators accept card payments, especially in the more populated and urban areas. It is always advisable to carry a few euros in cash for smaller transactions. Also, quite often bars or taxis would only accept cash. 

Despite their isolated islands location, the Azores are quite affordable. A 2l bottle of water or a fresh cup of coffee come in under € 1 and you can buy a decent enough bottle of wine in the

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supermarket for less than € 5. Price levels vary when dining out, but an average meal for one person in a restaurant including an alcoholic beverage comes out at around € 15. Petiscos (Portuguese tapas) or a glass of beer or wine in a mid-class bar or restaurant cost you around € 1, but will be more depending on the exclusivity of the place. A taxi ride costs about € 0,75 per km.



Shops - Monday - Friday 9am - 1pm and 3 - 6pm, Saturday 9am - 1pm

Banks - Monday - Friday 8:30am - 2:45pm

Post offices - Monday - Friday 9am - 1pm and 3 - 6pm



220 Volt/50 Hertz alternating current.



January 1

New Years Day

Friday before Easter

Good Friday

Monday after Easter

Easter Sunday

April 25

Freedom Day / Day of the Carnation Revolution

May 1

Labour Day

60 days after Easter Sunday

Corpus Cristi

June 10

Portugal Day

August 15

Assumption of Maria

October 5

Day of the Republic

November 1

All Saints Day

December 1

Restoration of Independence Day

December 8

Immaculate Conception

December 25

Christmas Day



Festivities are centred around religious traditions and every island has its own celebration of saints, which usually take place over the summer months. Additionally, holy spirit celebrations (‘festas do espirito santo') take place between April and September, peaking in the crowning of a ‘farmers king”, where the special ‘holy spirit soup’ is prepared in giant cauldrons and served with blessed cornbread. Due to the frequency of religious festivities, you can almost enjoy a local celebration every week over the summer on some of the islands.

Furnas / Sao Miguel

Festa do Senhor dos Enfermos, flower decorations are brought up to celebrate the ill and those in need

Sunday after Easter

Velas / Sao Jorge

Semana Cultural, showcasing traditional and local arts, music and crafts

Mid April

Horta / Faial

Peter Cafe Sport Triathlon, surf from Velas / Sao Jorge to Cais / Pico, mountain bike through the Pico mountains and kayak from Pico to Horta

Late April, ever two years

Ponta Delgada / Sao Miguel

Festa do Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres - people from Vila Franca do Campo move through the streets of Ponta Delgada in medieval robes

five weeks after Easter

Angra do Heroismo or Praia da Vitoria / Terceira (alternating each year)

San Joaninas - celebration of the Holy Joaninas  with cultural programs and processions

June 24

Ribeira Seca and Ribeira Grande / Sao Miguel

Cavalhadas de Sao Pedro - processions with horses

June 29

Calheta / Sao Jorge

Festival do Julho - festival with music, exhibitions, sport events, entertainment for kids and bull hunt at the end

mid July

Horta / Faial

Semana do Mar - crafts, music, food and drink, water games and a sailing race between Horta and Pico

second weekend in August

Praia Formosa / Santa Mar

Festival Mare de Agosto - music festival

second half of August

Lajes do Pico / Pico

Semana dos Baleeiros - traditional festival dating back to 1883 to celebrate whalers, music, food and drink

last week in August

Faja do Santo Cristo / Sao Jorge

Romaria de Santo Cristo - pilgrimage to Faja do Santo Cristo

first Sunday in September