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Wine Tastting, Lipari, Sicily


If you are looking for time away from it all, a few active days with the family or some quality time with your loved ones, our adventure getaways are here to help you to disconnect and recharge in no time!

Adventure Getaway Inspiration

Bespoke Adventure Getaways tailored to you!

Thanks to the short distances between countries, Europe is the perfect region for an adventure short break. You never have to travel far to find a complete change of nature, culture and lifestyle and all our destinations offer a distinct range of unique activities, adventures and experiences. Enjoy a few active days while diving into local culture and cuisine and putting your feed up in our beautiful destinations.

Short breaks in stunning scenery filled with local experiences and exhilarating outdoor activities – that’s exactly what our adventure getaways offer! Get cozy in one of our adventure destinations, no matter if you are looking for an urban or rural getaway, we will base you in one area and organize all activities from here, so that you don’t have to spend any unnecessary time traveling.

Enjoy days filled with outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, kayaking or canyoning, get a taste of the local cuisine at cooking classes, exclusive tastings or foodie tours and explore the local area and culture on organized or private tours with a local guide. We will also make sure that you will find some time for your own plans, so that you can return home from your adventure getaway happy and refreshed!

Our adventure getaways are suitable for anyone – if traveling solo, with a partner, friend, family or small group, we are happy to tailor each short break to your specific needs and wishes to make sure that you can make the most of your time off and enjoy the break to the fullest. 

Image by Sander Lenaerts

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From our own experience, no two holidays are the same. Talk to us and we will create your own individual holiday just for you.

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