50 shades of Green, black stout, welcoming people and Irish craic - these are just a few of the many images that come to mind when thinking of the green island on the Western end of Europe. The Emerald Island has emerged as a high-end destination over the last couple of years, enticing guests with fabulous original accommodation, innovative local cooking and creative experiences while maintaining it's charming welcome, proud heritage and authenticity.

The Atlantic coastline, also known as the Wild Atlantic Way, offers 2,400km of magnificent unspoiled scenery with rugged shores, scattered islands and beautiful green hills, authentic experiences involving fabulous seafood, crafty drinks and whiskies , and endless opportunities of fantastic outdoor activities on land and water all along the way.  Ireland is waiting for you with a thousand welcomes and unforgettable experiences.

Slea Head, Dingle, Ireland


Beach Horse Riding, Ireland




Thanks to the gulf-stream, the climate in Ireland is moderate all year round. Winters are relatively mild with temperatures rarely going below 0 degrees, but the days can be short, dark and stormy, making the season less ideal for outdoor activities. Best time to visit would be from April to October, with especially May and June usually bringing drier and warmer days, even though temperartures would rarely climb over 25 degrees.


Be prepared for fast changing weather and wear more clothes than necessary as opposed to too few. Even in the summer months the temperatures can vary over the day and windy rain showers can follow quickly after beautiful sunshine. Water- and windproof jackets and hiking boots are essential to explore nature at its best. especially as many of the hiking routes go through boggy areas which hardly ever dry out even after weeks of sunshine. The sun can be strong over the summer months, so prepare yourself with sun lotion, sunglasses and a sun hat.


There are very good frequent and direct connections to Dublin from all across Europe and wide parts of Northern America. It is also possible to connect through the main European hubs London , Frankfurt or Paris or Dubai and Abu Dhabi if you are travelling from the East. The majority of the flights will take you into Dublin airport while seasonal flights are also operating into Cork, Shannon and Kerry airport