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Sicily Volcanic Adventure Tour


East, Northeast

Starting Point


Best time to travel

March - early Nov

Recommended Length

8 - 11 days

Minimum Age*

Outdoor Adventure

Activity Level **


This explosive tours focuses on the amazing volcanic heritage and activity which is omnipresent in the Eastern parts of Sicily. Spend a few days discovering the volcanic scenery around Mount Etna before heading to the Aeolian Islands to witness a volcanic eruption on Stromboli and to enjoy the beautiful volcanic scenery on Lipari and Vulcano. Blow off some steam on thrilling outdoor adventures and enjoy sumptuous Sicilian gastronomy and exclusive tastings all along the way.

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✓ venture in the volcanic and geological heritage at Mount Etna and on the Aeolian Islands
✓ guided hiking tours on the smoking slopes of the mighty Mount Etna
✓ late evening guided climb to Stromboli to witness the continuous volcanic eruptions
✓ snorkel in the naturally heated waters around Vulcano and discover amazing underwater life
✓ fun-filled body rafting adventure in the spectacular Alcantara Gorge
✓ fantastic local Sicilian cuisine, seafood and wine all along the way

Tour highlights

Family Adventure Holidays


Day 1 - arrival - overnight in Taormina
Day 2 - Hiking on the Southern slopes of Mount Etna - winery tour, lunch and tasting - overnight in Taormina (150km)
Day 3 - Sunset hike on Mount Etna - wilderness BBQ - overnight in the Mount Etna area (80km)
Day 4 - Body rafting in the Alcantara gorge - overnight in the Etna area (100km)
Day 5 - Quad bike tour on Mount Etna - Sicilian wine tasting - overnight in the Etna area (80km)
Day 6 - Aeolian islands - Sunset trek on Stromboli island - overnight on Stromboli (140km)
Day 7 - Free time on Lipari island - sunset wine tasting - overnight on Lipari
Day 8 - Hiking and snorkeling on Vulcano island - overnight on Lipari
Day 9 - departure

Tour overview


Arrive to Sicily and transfer to your accommodation in Taormina. You have the rest of the day at leisure to explore the old city with it's cobbled alley, historic center and lively bars and restaurants.
Overnight in Taormina.

Dominating the eastern side of Sicily, Mount Etna is Europe's largest volcano, with several vast craters and a height of 3,300m. Etna is also one of the world's most active volcanoes and it offers breath-taking views and great hiking over lava fields, through lush forests and deep valleys with beautiful volcanic scenery and rock formations. Today, your guide will take you along the southern and western slopes of Etna, characterized by small volcanic cones, cultivated crops and recent lava flows. You will enjoy a late lunch in a panoramic winery offering fantastic views over the slopes and the surrounding area of eastern Sicily. Overnight in Taormina.

After enjoying the day at leisure in Taormina, you will then explore the northern area of the Etna National Park on a sunset hiking tour and discover its amazing scenery of large woods and volcanic formations like lava caves and grottoes. A real Sicilian wilderness Sicilian BBQ on the mountain is waiting for you in the evening before settling for the night.
Overnight in the Etna area.

The Alcantara River is one of the few rivers on Sicily that runs all year round and has carved its path into the basalt over a period of several thousands of years. Enjoy a few hours of canyoning along the gorge, jumping off the rocks into the cold, crystal-clear waters and floating in the rivers rapids between the 24m high basalt walls.
Overnight in the Etna area.

Today's fun quad bike tour takes you to the black lava flows between the Ragabo pine and the white birch forests to an altitude of 1,850m. You will get to witness the remains of the last great eruption from 2002 on the north side of Etna as you will navigate your quad over the vast bumpy lava fields. Visit a lava cave before enjoying a rustic Sicilian lunch and some excellent local wine at a mountain refuge.
Overnight in the Etna area.

Transfer to Stromboli in the morning, the farthest and most active of the Aeolian Islands off the northeastern Sicilian coast. Explore the small town in the afternoon before heading off on a fantastic evening hike to the top of the active Stromboli volcano. You will arrive to the volcano's peak by sunset, just on time to witness the repeated eruption of red hot lava from the volcano in the dark. A truly unforgettable and once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Overnight on Stromboli.

After breakfast, you will transfer from Stromboli to Lipari, the largest of the Aeolian Islands. You will have the day at leisure to enjoy the lively marina, visit the castle overlooking the village or visit the scenic viewpoint Belvedere Quattrocchi for the best views over Lipari and the neighboring Vulcano Island. An unforgettable wine tasting with fantastic panoramic views over the islands is awaiting you to finish the day at sunset.
Overnight on Lipari.

Today's trip will take you to the neighboring island of Vulcano, characterized by its smoking volcanic crater and sulfurous fumes rising to the surface. Spend the day climbing the crater and strolling over black beaches before discovering the amazing underwater scenery on a snorkeling adventure in the crystal clear, naturally heated waters that can be found all around the island.
Overnight on Lipari.

Transfer to the airport and departure.

Detailed Itinerary

Family Adventure Holidays


Family Adventure Holidays

Services included

- accommodation in good standard middle-class hotels and/or guesthouses
- private transfers or private care hire for the entire trip
- ferry passages
- activities, visits and tours as outlined, with a certified, English speaking guide where desired/required
- all taxes and insurances for the activities
- expert travel planning, trip preparation and 24/7 on-tour support

Family Adventure Holidays


Family Adventure Holidays


Family Adventure Holidays


Family Adventure Holidays

Family Adventure Holidays

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Family Adventure Holidays


When to travel
It is possible to visit Sicily all year long, but the best times to travel are May, June, September and October. Summer is lovely, but it can get very hot over July and August and the seaside resorts and towns can become crowded.
While the weather is quite changeable and sometimes rainy in spring, the summer months are arid and temperatures can go as high as 34 degrees. Once the temperatures fall in autumn, the rainy period begins. Temperatures fall further over the winter months, but apart from the higher areas, most of Sicily hardly ever experiences temperatures below freezing.
The northern and particularly the northeastern parts of Sicily get the most rain over the year, which is mainly down to the more mountainous terrain. Thunderstorms and heavy rainfall during the warm summer months are common, especially in the areas East of Mount Etna. The flatter plains in the southern and southwestern part of Sicily get relatively little rainfall throughout the year.

How to travel
The international airports in Sicily are Trapani in the west, Palermo in the northwest, Catania in the east and Ragusa in the southeast of the island. International connections within Europe are good and Sicily is served by all major and some regional European airlines. Direct long-haul connections from outside Europe are rare, in this case it is easiest to connect in mainland Italy like Milan or Rome.
It is possible to take flights from mainland Sicily to the island of Pantelleria from Trapani or Palermo.
The other islands can be reached by ferry. The hydrofoils for the Aeolian Islands leave from Milazzo to Lipari, from where it is then possible to connect to the other islands. As connections are not always frequent and perfectly timed, you should plan the whole day for traveling if you plan to connect from Lipari to another island. The Egadi islands can be reached by hydrofoils from Trapani. Sailings take place frequently over the day and the trip takes less than one hour.
Sicily has a good network of motorways and national roads, making it easy and fast to get around. Infrastructure tends to be a bit more remote in the south, center and mountainous areas. Toll is required on the A18 and A20 motorways.

Travelling with children
Travelling in Sicily with children is easy and Sicilians love children. Hotels, restaurants and bars are eager to accommodate families and children. Menus don’t usually serve a dedicated kids menu, but offer smaller or half portions.
Siesta plays an important way of life in Sicily and shops close between 1 and 5pm. Dinner time in Sicily is usually not before 9pm and especially over the summer months kids are out and about until midnight.
Not all activities are suitable for small children, but Sicily has plenty to offer if you are looking for a fulfilling trip for the whole family. Kids will love to explore the cobbled ancient streets of the historic towns, will be fascinated by the volcanic heritage and of course love the outstanding Sicilian food. The sandy beaches in the south are perfect for a couple of relaxing days and farms and agri-tourism accommodation especially cater for families and offer activities centered around nature and the outdoors.

What to bring
If you are travelling to Sicily between May and September, prepare for warm, sunny and dry days, so light summer clothes, light shoes, swimming gear, sun lotion, sunglasses and sun cover should all make it into your luggage. For those heading to Sicily's mountains and volcanoes, steady hiking boots, a headlight/torch, warm jumper and a rain and windproof jacket are advisable. Also mosquitos tend to annoy people over the summer months, so an insect repellent will do no harm. Some of the churches and religious buildings require covered shoulders, so bring a scarf or t-shirt.
While casual leisure wear is totally fine during the day, you should pack a nice outfit for going out in the evenings. There is no dress-code in most bars or restaurants, but clubs might be a different story. Sicilians like to dress to impress at nighttime, so unless you want to stand out, you might want to do the same.

Travel Tips

For more practical travel advise and general information on visiting Sicily, please follow the link below.

Destination info

Family Adventure Holidays

* The minimum age is based on the overall tour, some activities can require a higher minimum age, this will be advised at proposal stage. While not all activities are suitable for very small children, we are happy to tailor the tour to meet your specific wishes and needs.

**  The activity level is based on the amount of tours and activities included (1 - few tours and activities with a lot of free time, 5 - a lot of tours and activities with little free time). The activity level does not reflect the difficulty of the activities or tours included. Itineraries can be tailored to match the preferred level of activity.

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