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Magical Southern Iceland Adventure


South, Southeast, Highlands

Starting Point


Best time to travel

All year

Recommended Length

8 - 10 days

Minimum Age*

Outdoor Adventure

Activity Level **


Discover the highlights of Southern Iceland on this nine days adventure tour. Travel along the Southern coast all the way to the beautiful Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon and discover beautiful national parks, magical waterfalls and stunning vast landscapes made from fire and ice along the way. Admire the geothermal activity at Geysir and on the Reykjanes peninsula and descent into an extinct volcano before relaxing in the thermal waters of the famous Blue Lagoon. All while enjoying fantastic and thrilling outdoor adventures that will bring you as close to nature as possible.

Family Adventure Holidays


✓ explore the Mid-Atlantic underwater rift in Thingvellir National Park on a snorkeling adventure
✓ witness ongoing geothermal activity at Geysir and on the Reykjanes peninsula
✓ snow-mobile adventure on the Vatnajökull glacier
✓ Thórsmörk Valley glacier hiking tour on Europe's largest glacier
✓ kayak between blue-shimmering icebergs in the Jökulsárlón lagoon
✓ experience the out-of-this-world beauty of the Thórsmörk Valley

Tour highlights

Family Adventure Holidays


Day 1 - arrival - overnight in Reykjavik
Day 2 - snorkeling between continents - Geysir - Gulfoss - overnight in the Hella area (200km)
Day 3 - hiking at Thórsmörk Valley - overnight Southern coast (300km)
Day 4 - kayaking at Jökulsárlón - snow mobile tour on Vatnajökull - overnight Southern Coast(180km)
Day 5 - glacier hike on Vatnajökull - Skaftafell - overnight Southern Coast (40km)
Day 6 - hiking Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon - Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach - Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss waterfalls - overnight in Selfoss (300km)
Day 7 - Raufarhólshellir lava cave - Reykjanes peninsula - Blue Lagoon - overnight on the Reykjanes peninsula (150km)
Day 8 - departure

Tour overview


Welcome to Iceland. You will transfer to Reykjavik after arrival, where you will have the rest of the day free to explore the lively Icelandic capital with its many bars, restaurants and galleries.
Overnight in Reykjavik.

You will leave Reykjavik after breakfast and follow the Golden Circle Route today, one of Iceland’s most iconic scenic routes. Your first stop will be at the Thingvellir National Park, the location of Iceland’s first ever parliament. It is also here where the North-American tectonic plate meets the Eurasian plate on the Mid-Atlantic rift and created the Silfra fissure, a gap between the continents filled with fresh water. Venture off to unknown depths as you will explore the fissure on an unforgettable snorkeling adventure, allowing you to swim between continents and to enjoy fantastic underwater views up to 100m in the crystal clear waters. Continue along the Golden Circle in the afternoon, take in the amazing experience of the always active geysers at the geothermal area of Geysir and enjoy the fabulous views over the mighty Gulfoss waterfall thundering into a canyon over two stages.
Overnight in the Hella area.

The stunning Thórsmörk Valley is home to majestic mountains, volcanoes and stunning deep valleys. A short bus transfer will take you to the valley center, starting point to numerous hikes varying in length and demand. Each route will take you through the valley to admire beautiful landscapes with lush vegetation, stunning waterfalls and dramatic canyons.
Overnight along the Southern Coast.

Follow along Iceland's southern coast to the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, a beautiful glacial lagoon characterized by blue-shimmering icebergs breaking off the mighty glacier and peacefully floating towards the North-Atlantic ocean. You will get close to the gentle frozen giants on a sea kayaking tour taking you through the lagoon and along the icebergs to encounter some of the local marine inhabitants including seals and skuas. You will then take on the icecap of Iceland's Vatnajökull in the afternoon on an exciting snow-mobile tour. Power over the ancient ice of Europe’s largest glacier while taking in the beautiful Icelandic scenery made from ice, snow and volcanoes.
Overnight along the Southern coast.

The impressive Vatnajökull glacier is home to a vast icy landscape, impressive mountains and dark volcanoes towering in the back. Explore some of Iceland’s most characteristic landscapes on a thrilling glacier hiking tour taking you into the icy wilderness in the majestic surroundings of Svínafellsjökull glacier, a side glacier of the great Vatnajökull Glacier. You will be equipped with crampons and axes as you take on the ancient ice and discover different glacial formations like deep crevasses, ridges, and other spectacular ice formations while enjoying the spectacular views over the glacier.
Overnight along the Southern Coast.

You will slowly make your way back West along Iceland’s southern coast and enjoy some of the beautiful natural highlights on the way. Stop at the beautiful Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon, where you can explore the inside of the canyon from the bottom or top on a short hiking tour. Take a stroll on the Reynisfjara black sand beach just outside Vik before chasing the beautiful waterfalls at
Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss.
Overnight in the Selfoss.

Today you will explore Iceland’s subterranean world shaped by volcanic activity as you explore the Raufarhólshellir lava cave, which was created by a volcanic eruption more than 5000 years ago. You will be able to get close to the powers of nature and admire the wonderful showcase of multicolored walls and lava rock in the impressive cave. Discover more volcanic heritage and activity on the Reykjanes peninsula, where you will encounter a natural playground made off amid lava fields, lava spitting volcanoes, craters, and bubbling mud pools. Finish the day with a visit to the famous Blue Lagoon, where you can relax in the soothing thermal waters of the natural spa.
Overnight on the Reykjanes peninsula.

Transfer to the airport and departure.

Detailed Itinerary

Family Adventure Holidays


Family Adventure Holidays

Services included

- accommodation in good standard middle-class hotels and/or guesthouses
- private care hire for the entire trip
- activities, visits and tours as outlined, with a certified, English speaking guide where desired/required
- all taxes and insurances for the activities
- expert travel planning, trip preparation and 24/7 on-tour support

Family Adventure Holidays


Family Adventure Holidays


Family Adventure Holidays


Family Adventure Holidays

Family Adventure Holidays

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Family Adventure Holidays


When to travel
The main season and most popular time for visitors to come to Iceland is between June and August when the days are long and large parts of the country are free from ice and easily accessible. The hinterland offers great hiking conditions during this period as most of the terrain is now fairly dry.
May and September also allow travelers to get to most places in Iceland, but some of the higher areas and the heartland might be restricted because of snow. The weather is colder, wetter and breezier than over the summer months, but you will be rewarded with less crowded landscapes and viewpoints.
Even though most of the side roads are closed and the days are shorter, October to April is a rewarding time to visit Iceland. This is the perfect time to experience the Northern lights flickering on the dark sky and to venture off on a real snow and ice adventure.

How to travel
Keflavik, Iceland’s international airport, is located around 50km southwest of Reykjavik. Icelandair and many other international airlines offer frequent connections to Keflavik usually a few times a week. There are many direct flights from the European continent and it’s also possible to connect through major European hubs. You will also find frequent connections to North America due to the fact that Iceland had recently become a popular stopover destination between North America and Europe and the flights take only a couple of hours.
It is easiest to rent a car upon arrival and discover the island in your own time. Alternatively, if you prefer not to drive, there is a wide range of organized tours starting from Reykjavik nearly every day, bringing you to many exciting places in Iceland.

Traveling with children
Travelling with kids in Iceland is easy. Even though there are not many activities only for kids, the overwhelming landscape, the many swimming pools and the friendly hospitality of the Icelandic people make a trip to Iceland with kids very enjoyable. Curious children will be eager to find out more about the volcanoes, waterfalls and glaciers and will be delighted by the sheer amount of seabirds. Adventure activities are available for kids from 8 years (sometimes older) and the easy hikes, horse riding adventures, speedboat or whale watching tours will keep them easily entertained. The route should be planned carefully as some of the distances between the attractions can be quite far. Reykjavik has the biggest choice for kids. Kids pay half price (or often nothing) in museums and pools. Most of the accommodations offer family rooms and cater for smaller children.

What to bring
Regardless of the time of the year that you are travelling, you should come prepared for all kind of weather in Iceland and plan a lot of layers. Make sure to pack smart and to stay warm and dry. So your luggage should always contain the following items:
- fleece jacket or wooly sweater/jumper
- rain and windproof jacket
- rain pants
- sturdy walking shoes with good grip
- proper waterproof hiking boots
- gloves and a scarf
- hat (sun hat also)
- swimsuit
- thermal underwear
- warm socks
- quick dry towel

As you will encounter the midnight sun over summer, it can also be helpful to bring some eye shades for sleeping. Sunglasses and sunscreen are highly recommended. Midgets are common over the summer months, so bring an insect repellent.

A very warm, ideally insulated jacket should always be packed if travelling over the winter months.

Remember that you will most likely also hit town in Reykjavik, so make sure to pack a nice outfit and shoes.

Travel Tips

For more practical travel advise and general information on visiting Iceland, please follow the link below.

Destination info

Family Adventure Holidays

* The minimum age is based on the overall tour, some activities can require a higher minimum age, this will be advised at proposal stage. While not all activities are suitable for very small children, we are happy to tailor the tour to meet your specific wishes and needs.

**  The activity level is based on the amount of tours and activities included (1 - few tours and activities with a lot of free time, 5 - a lot of tours and activities with little free time). The activity level does not reflect the difficulty of the activities or tours included. Itineraries can be tailored to match the preferred level of activity.

Image by Sander Lenaerts

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