Looking for a short getaway where you can combine challenging outdoor activities with some time to relax and unwind? Madeira is the destination to find exactly that! Lush nature, good food and a rich culture await on the small island in the Atlantic Ocean.

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Family getaway to explore the beautiful highlights of Madeira.

When day-to-day life becomes too overwhelming, a short break away from it all might be the answer. But not just anywhere, but in a place that instantly provides calmness without being boring - such as Madeira. You choose whether to physically challenge yourself in one of Madeira‘s outdoor adventures such as canyoning or hiking or to get some relaxation on the beach.
Funchal is a good base for your short adventure getaway. It offers everything you need and there are plenty of possibilities to explore the surroundings in an efficient way. Why not tour the capital in a tuk tuk? Or take the cable car from Funchal to Monte gaining a literally fantastic overview. If you are looking to be more physically active, enjoy one of the amazing hikes along the Levadas or to the peaks of Madeira‘s mountain range. Take your pick when it comes to fun activities such as diving, kayaking, paragliding or sailing. Recharge your batteries in Fajã dos Padres - an “island within the island“ with a deserted beach and an organic farm full of exotic fruit and vegetables. Get to know Madeira‘s excellent cuisine by taking part in a hands-on cooking experience with fresh local produce.
Getaway to Madeira and get back refreshed and recovered!

Image by Sander Lenaerts

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