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With it's outstanding scenery, Scotland offers a large variety of attractions and experiences to help you escape from the world and to satisfy the cravings of your inner small adventurer.

Hmmmmmmm - Whisky

Scotland and Whisky are intrinsically tied to each other. Even as a non-whisky drinker you should not miss out on visiting one of the many distilleries when in Scotland. Learning about the unique process of how its made, its history and origin as well as taking in the smells and looking at those big old barrels is just an experience in itself. Not only the spelling of the word whisky with an “e“ distinguishes the Scottisch whisky from its also famous counterpart in Ireland. Whilst both spirits are distilled liquors the Scottish whisky is distilled twice and the Irish one three times which gives each of them their distinct and unique taste apart from their different flavoured brands. Travel along the Malt Whisky Trail in the Scottish Highlands and enter the world of Scottish whisky!

The amazing Isle of Skye

Do you want to experience Scotland from its wildest, most natural side? Then the Isle of Skye is the place to go! Rich in culture, history and unspoilt landscape it is ideal for outdoor fans seeking, peacefulness and adventure at the same time. The Isle of Skye is the largest island of the Inner Hebrides and located in the west of the Scottish mainland facing the Atlantic Ocean in the west and the North Sea in the east. Famous for its basalt pinnacles north of Portree, the majority of the island is covered in moorland. Its surface however is covered by a blanket of green moss. The mixture of rugged landscapes, medieval castles and picturesque fishing villages makes the Isle of Skye a “Scotland in miniature“.

Luxurious Scottish Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea is an old tradition enjoyed all over the UK and Ireland. Usually served in a cosy, almost corny setting, beside an open fire in a historical manor house or a conservatory of a beautiful walled garden, guests can expect a selection of delicious pastries and savoury snacks, nicely presented on a three-tiered tray. Treat yourself to a glass of sparkly or a hot tea with it whilst warming up after a hike in the Scottish nature. Or just to relax on a rainy day looking out onto the wild landscape. Afternoon Tea is great for special occasions or just any day to experience the Scottish hospitality. (We are happy to help you finding a location for your perfect Afternoon Tea on your Scotland vacation.)

Island hopping on the Hebrides 

Island Hopping is always are great idea when there is so much to see and explore like on the Hebrides in Scotland. The Hebrides are an archipelago of hundreds of islands off the west coast of Scotland. Based on their proximity to the Scottish mainland they are divided into Inner and Outer Hebrides. The best way to explore the highlights of these outstanding wild nature reserves is a multi-day cruise. From remote sandy beaches to dramatic mountains and deep blue lochs - the Hebrides have it all. If you only have a limited amount of time, pick the Isle of Skye, the “whisky island“ of Islay or the Isle of Mull, known for its stunning wildlife including the the UK‘s largest eagle population.


The forgotten world of the Orkney Island 

Scotland consists of almost 800 islands and islets. The main ones are the Inner and Outer Hebrides, the Shetland and the Orkney Islands. Which ones to visits is mostly down to personal preference as all of them are absolutely stunning with a dramatic scenery and beautiful landscape. Orkney is particularly interesting from a prehistoric point of view. With the sites of Maes Howe and Skara Brae on the main islands of Orkney. Maes Howe is a neolithic chambered cairn and passage tomb that was probably built 2800 BC. On the west coast of the island you find Skara Brae, a stone built neolithic settlement. Embedded in the atmospheric landscape one can imagine how people lived here over 5000 years ago which makes it even older than Stonehenge.



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Image by Sander Lenaerts

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