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From colorful festivities, tasty tours to traditional and local heritage tours, Madeira offers plenty of choice for entertainment all year round.

The taste of Madeira wines

Madeira is world famous for its distinct Madeira wine. The range of  dry wines is usually consumed as an aperitif whereas the sweet variation is a popular dessert wine. Due to its fortification with brandy during fermentation its alcoholic content ranges from 18 to 20 per cent. Madeira wine is the island‘s biggest export and hence wine tastings a must-do when visiting the island. There are plenty of full and half-day wine tasting experiences starting from Funchal, taking their guests to the picturesque vineyards outside the capital. Make the most of your experience with a pre-booked guided tour. Visit different wineries, hear about the unique process of making Madeira wine and get to taste a variety of the amber coloured liquid.

Tobogganing - road sledging down the mountain in a traditional basket sledge

There are not many places in Europe (if any) where you can toboggan down a steep hill on a sledge in subtropical temperatures. That is something you can do in Madeira in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa. And it is not some new fun activity invented for tourists, but an old tradition that has been practised in the village of Monte near the capital Funchal since the early 19th century when it was used as a downhill public transport. The wooden wicker sledge steered by two man in traditional costumes is able to carry two people at a time on their fast journey down the hill where they will reach a speed up to 50km/h at times. Certainly a fun experience and a unique way of reaching the bottom of a hill.

Discover hidden gems around Madeira on a guided adventure tour

Madeira Adventure Tours is what is says on the box - going on an adventure on this amazing lush island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. And there is plenty to discover - whether on foot hiking through the mountains, on water kayaking or rafting the amazing waterfalls or exploring the deserted beaches on a jeep safari. Madeira is the place to be when it comes to nature activities. Hardly any other place comprises of such a variety of outdoor activities in a comparatively small area. You can set out on your own to explore Madeira‘s spectacular flora and fauna or rely on a local guide to introduce you to the sites unique to the island. There are the Levada hiking trails for example, dolphin and whale watching tours or trips to meet the local community. Whatever it is you choose - everything is an adventure in Madeira!

A visit to the Fajã dos Padres organic cliff farm

Fajã dos Padres - “The island within the island“ provides the perfect combination of relaxation and adventure. With its extensive remote beaches visitors have plenty of opportunity to unwind in a tranquil environment. Adventure seekers on the other hand will be thrilled by the activities offered, such as canyoning in an impressive waterfall and swimming in a secret lagoon. Conclude the day on the organic farm of Fajã dos Padres where you can taste local produce and indigenous fruit. Located only a 20-minute drive outside of Funchal it is easily accessible and a great destination for a day trip from Madeiras capital.

Find the best spots to watch the sunset

Sunsets are fascinating and even more spectacular on an island like Madeira. There are plenty of tours available to experience the sunset in different places of the island. Whether you prefer to be out on a boat, gently rocked my smooth waves while watching the fiery ball disappearing into the Atlantic Ocean; standing on the top of Pico do Arieiro and see the sun vanishing behind the clouds; or out in Madeira‘s beautiful landscape on a jeep safari watching the horizon taking on the most vibrant colours of red, orange and yellow. The Madeira Sunset Experience is romantic, adventurous and a great natural spectacle - something you should definitely not miss out on when visiting Madeira!

Go big and discover Madeira on a jeep tour

Exploring the island of Madeira in an open roof land rover is ideal for nature lovers and adventurers alike. On a bumpy and at times speedy ride through the most remote parts of Madeira you get to be out in nature, learn about its unique flora and fauna, and last but not least experience an adrenalin kick. You can book the fun journey individually by yourself or in a small group to share a great day out with fellow adventurers. Within a couple of hours you get to see most of the island and will stop at iconic sites and places. The tour guides are entertaining and informative so that  the Madeira Jeep Experience will certainly be a trip to remember!

Wild camping adventure

Camping in the wild is the ultimate way of immersing yourself into nature and get back to the basics for one day, like a real adventurer. In Madeira you can book guided tours that include a 4x4 off road ride to the island‘s most remote places and an overnight camping stay in the wilderness. Relive your childhood memories of sitting by the fire at night time, sharing stories and roasting marshmallows. It doesn‘t take much to be one with nature and experience a moment of total serenity and peacefulness. Adventure Camping in Madeira is the place for it and the experience is something that will stay with you even when you are back in the fast-paced civilization. 

Travel back in time on the Desertas Islands

The Desertas Islands is a chain of three rocky and long-stretched islands belonging to the Archipelago of Madeira. They are home to several endemic bird species and a colony of Mediterranean monk seals. Visiting the uninhabited islands is a real adventure that takes you on a full day catamaran trip on which you will explore this fascinating piece of nature by sea and land. On a guided tour across the islands completely free from any civilisation you will learn about the wild landscape, its fauna and the preservation of both. Enjoy a snorkel experience around the diverse biosphere reserve where you will probably encounter dolphins and whales. Visiting the Desertas Islands in Madeira truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 


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