The Small Adventure Company is a boutique travel agency specializing in immersive holidays across Europe for individuals who are looking for authentic, sustainable and meaningful experiences. Our holidays are more than just a holiday package, we want you to experience our destinations with everything that makes them special and unique - from actively exploring the great outdoors, indulging in local gastronomy to discovering authentic heritage and traditions, our trips are centred around all that. To complete, we professionally take care of all details along the way - from helping you chose the right destination, designing a trip to your taste, looking after all arrangements for you and being there for you when you are travelling.


"If you can't do great things, do small things in a great way"

Simply said, this is exactly what we do. We take you to the best places in Europe and let you experience each destination exactly the way you want to. At The Small Adventure Company, we create trips with you in mind and your wishes are the centre of our attention. We focus on individual service, personal attention and on delivering high excellent high quality experiences to all our guests. We know Europe like the back of our hand and our programs reflect our passion, values and expertise. Each trip is carefully designed to go beyond and let you experience our destinations in an authentic and sustainable way. Even if our adventures may seem small, we turn them into wonderful, big experiences, made just for you.


At The Small Adventure Company, we truly believe in travelling as a way to learn about the world, to open your mind and to grow. We believe in building bridges, not walls, and we strongly support the European concept of open borders, solidarity and common identity. We embrace authenticity, off-the-beaten track and unique experiences and we want to reflect all this when we design our small adventures. We work exclusively with local partners in all our destinations, which we carefully select based on our values. Honest and sustainable local partnerships are key to the design and operation of our small adventures and to make sure that each adventure is up to our and your standards. 


We want to be true to ourselves and strive for excellence in what we do best: Create immersive and unforgettable experiences across Europe that reflect our core values while offering exceptional service based on our expertise, experience and professionalism. In the end, all that matters is that our guests enjoy every minute of their trip with us and love our destinations as much as we do.